LORD OF THE SHILLS (10/12/08) – One shill to rule them all!

lotr-legolasaragorn_webWelcome to the second installment of Lord of The Shills.

For those that dont know its the weekly award for the most shameless (and often downright dishonest) pro-MS comments.  Before we continue, I would like everyone to take a moment and thank our lovable shillers for making this award possible.  Without them, Lord of the Shills wouldnt exist.

Next week, we will be focusing on other sites.  Microsoft Watch used to be the home of a decent MS shiller, but since anti-ms feeling there is so strong, I believe they’ve migrated to more gullable pastures.  I also wanted Andre to win an award.  He puts alot of effort into his work, and its only right he gets the credit he deserves for tirelessly fighting the MS corner.

I have received a number of shilling quotes on my email, which I am very thankful for, however please in future can everyone who sends them in, include links to the site that they are posted on!

So without further ado, lets move on to the comments, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did quoting them.

“Vista introduced huge improvements to how users kept their personal data secure.” Andre Da Costa 25/11/08 Andre’s Blog

“it’s clear that people still don’t get what Vista was all about.” EnricoG 03/12/08 Microsoft Watch

“Another thing is that I think Goblin is an idiot. At least, he is a shiller for Linux. I don’t care that he is doing it for free. That is his problem.” 3/12/08 Microsoft Watch

Now the next one was certainly a hot contender for Lord of the Shills, how many times can Andre put the words “Windows Live” into the same sentence without it being completely unreadable?  Answer: This many:

“I must say, search results in the new Windows Live Hotmail is exceptional. I like how they have also separated the Search fields for Windows Live Search from Windows Live Hotmail. Some good stuff is happening. Maybe I do need to take a second look at Windows Live Search.” Andre Da Costa 4/12/08 Microsoft Watch

Its a difficult one this week, so much goodness, only one award.  I think though the winning comment has to be Andre’s for the “Vista introduced huge improvements to how users kept their personal data secure.” and now we will proceed to examine that claim and find out what the important people (yourselves) say about Vista security.  Here are the links, but before that, congratulations to Andre for being this weeks winner.:

Heres some historic issues with the Vista platform, that shows some of the “great improvements Vista has over XP”








Enjoy, as always Shilling comments welcome.

2 thoughts on “LORD OF THE SHILLS (10/12/08) – One shill to rule them all!

  1. If you are interested in a few of the most delicate Shills, you should defiantly checkout the usenet group com.os.linux.advocacy (COLA).


    The problem is that they’ve become desperate and most of their writings are limited to personal attacks against the regulars.

    Now to guide potentiality new readers of the group one worried regular has made a list, that describes these characters, including some of their most “interesting” quotes:


    Note: these are not “regular” usenet trolls. They are Microsoft Shills or Astroturfers, who defend MS and its crapware at all cost.

  2. Lord of the shills will probably be a section that will try your patience with trolls, astroturfers and shills. Better off with the shills than with trolls. Trolls have no moral values, are profane and vulgar to the point of giving you nausea if taken seriously.

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