Hi all,

This is a correction post to the original one of:

“It appears the Gutsy Geeks site is now parked.

Gutsy Geeks was a Linux radio show, airing every Sunday and available as a podcast.  Is this the end of a great Linux show?  There has been no further information as yet.

We’ll keep you posted and in the meantime, if anyone does have any information on what has happened, please feel free to leave a comment.”

UPDATE 8/12/08:

Panic over! Gutsy Geeks back up online! No problems!  Check Mr Modems comment on this site!

We can all breath a sigh of relief!

UPDATE 9/12/08:

Mr Modem kindly sent me a mail (aswell as his comment here) and I would just like to pass on to everyone that THERE IS NO PROBLEMS.  A temporary issue which is completely resolved.  As per the links that have been kindly provided (and the blog roll) you will be able to catch the latest show as normal.

For expert advice look no further than Mr Modem!