NEWS: Dell dropping Google!

It seems xmas has come early for Microsoft Supporters on the net and they finally have a favourable news link they can put in their comments.

The news being reported over at CNN Money is that Dell are dropping Google as their default search engine in favour of MSlive.  This will certainly see an increase in hits for MS as first time users of a new machine may not realize until the “hit” has been registered.

But does it matter?  Well no, its not exactly difficult to change the default search engine is it?  Im sure even the most casual computer users will be able, and certainly with the amount of Pro-MS’ers bragging about this piece of news, many users will be prepared to change it back and be aware that their new machine may not have the default search engine of their choice.

To me the news is a little sad, sad that the only way MS think they can get new users is by having it as default and hoping either users wont notice or not be bothered to change it.  We have already established that there is nothing MSlive can do better than a Google (although Ive put the request out many times to show me otherwise)  Its very similar to the way MS is trying to jump on the back of other products in order to get them on your machine (Sun spring to mind)  To me this parasidic behaviour is the only way MS is going to start making headway in any of its battles, by hiding in a “host” to get into your home.

The final point I would like to make (and I hope you will bring this point up if facing an excited MS shiller) is that whilst Dell by some is being hailed as a champion of MS products, it should not be forgotten that Dell supply and advertise in the mainstream media, the fact that they  can supply their machines with Linux instead of Windows.  That doesnt sound like Dell has jumped into bed with MS, does it?

The article from CNN can be read here.

On a last minute edit, I would like to include the picture below, I found this fantastic cartoon whilst surfing.  Credit obviously goes to Nitrozac and Snaggy at the Joy of Tech. (Link below, visit the site, its great!)



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  1. This may be another point in the case of anti-trust. Maybe they figured; If forcing it on the consumer worked for Internet exploder (IE), Lookout (Outlook mail) and Media Slayer (WMP), it will work for MSLie.

    We’ve already seen proofs of the deals Microsoft cut with OEMs. This OEM formula is not competing. MS could never compete on the merits of software.

  2. Yeah agreed, I dont believe Microsoft innovates, they simply wait for someone else to make the success and then bring out their wallet. They then proceed to leech out every cent of profit and then move on to the next target.

    MS have already been burned with anti-trust in Europe, (IMO) they will be again. Unfortunately their bank balance makes it less of a threat and more of just an occupational hazard.

    Although I dont specifically champion MAC, its encouraging to see them take away customers from a public who are starting to see MS in a different light.

  3. Like what xISO_ZWT said, Internet Explorer would probably not be the most used browser if it was not the default in Windows. Chrome is way better!

    I’m not a Google fanboy or anything… 🙂

  4. Hi Brad.
    I havent used Chrome yet, since there is no native Linux version yet.

    I heard many people say good things about it, and whilst I dont have much personal experience with Google apps, I can say that what Ive heard in general has been very positive.

    I settled on firefox a long time ago, and whilst I would probably be just as happy with any other browser, I suppose I have the attitude “dont fix if its not broken”

    Brad, thanks for coming to the site, nice to see you here!


  5. Brad- Yes Chrome is better. I like it, i use it allot more then any other browser. But i wish they fix the full screen bug! It’s been almost a month and yet its yet to be fixed. I know it’s not my PC because it’s also with my dads.

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