Or: Posting Lessons 101 – “Making sure you remember what you have typed”

Ive been prompted to do a different little post today.  I recently was engaged in a very silly debate with a person called “Cross” who tried to make untruthful remarks on MS-Watch about me and then try (badly) to defend them.

When users start printing lies about me, refuse to back them up (and admit so) and worst of all forgetting things that they had said in previous posts I have to challenge.

So the scene was set.  The sun sinking over mountains, a reddish haze in air as the dust settled in the street.  Goblin and Cross walk towards each other, fingers poised ready to draw their pistols at a moments notice……..unfortunately Cross forgot to put any ammunition in his weapon……..the rest, as they say, is history.


(For the information of any readers, the conversation starts after a failed attempt by a user called “passing”.  Mmm I wonder..Passing/Cross same person?  Well Cross’s memory isnt very good so theres a chance) Enjoy!

A small update, it appears Cross wasnt content with being untruthful & forgetful.  He returns to suggest I told him he should leave.  Do they think people dont read the previous posts?  Anyway, they continue on and on and on.  Unfortunately what Cross reads and what Cross thinks theyve read are two different things entirely.  The post continues…..