ARTICLE: “Happy” Vista owners speak out on WordPress!

As Andre Da Costa says, if you dont like Vista you are living in an IT bubble.
As Andre Da Costa says, if you dont like Vista you are living in an IT bubble.

Carrying on from our Lord of the Shills, I decided to investigate Andre’s claims that people are happy with Vista.

For those that dont know Andre is a very active pro-MS poster on the Microsoft Watch site, unfortunately he wasnt good enough this week to win the Lord of the Shills, but Im sure he will get at least one award before the end of the year.

So lets now look at some of these “happy” Vista bloggers on WordPress itself in no particular order, and I appologise not in date order either, here they are: – 3/12/08 – 4/12/08 – 3/12/08 – 3/12/08 – 3/12/08 – 2/12/08 – 2/12/08

These are just a few, I could post all night (dont take my word for it, search for yourself).

Andre Da Costa believes people love Vista, these posts were found on WordPress in about 10 seconds and have all been posted in the last few days.  Andre believes that people who dont like Vista live in an IT bubble.  It must be a big bubble then, as there are alot of unhappy users STILL blogging about it.

But dont worry folks, as MS would say “It will be better next time”.


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  1. One think that you need to consider is that people are more likely to blog about a bad experience over a good one…

    Waiting for Windows 7 myself!
    Long live XP! (until Windows 7 comes out, then it can die)

  2. Not in your case though?

    You say long live XP, which I assume means you havent adopted Vista.

    So whilst you could say that good opinions of Vista are not printed (and I disagree, if you do a search you will find one or two) You could also say that many MORE bad experiences or negative feelings are not being printed either (afterall you dont appear to have made a blog about the fact you havent adopted Vista)

    Im pleased a Windows user would post here. I wonder, what is it that gives you so much faith in Windows 7 after Vista was so problematic? What makes you believe it will be different next time? and what if its not? what if, as many early reviews have suggested its simply Vista SP3? will you stick with XP until Windows 8 comes out?

  3. Ballmer himself said windows 7 will be the same vista kernel with tweeks. Therfore, it’s still a DRM program masquerading as an OS.

  4. Clinthewookie has proved something I said some time ago.

    I said a while ago that as we are approaching the date of Windows 7, we would see many posts knocking Vista and promoting Windows 7. MS (IMO) are going to want to start distancing themselves from the image and the product Vista, and work on promoting Windows 7 in the hope that people forget.

    Funny how Clintthewookie hasnt returned.

    In regards to Windows 7 & indeed Vista, I have already collected a large amount of crackers for the Lord of the Shills next week. youre in for some real treats, and a damn good laugh, as we see our shillers step up a gear in a desperate bid to promote the unpromotable.

  5. Sorry, I haven’t checked the “my comments” for a while.

    I prefer Vista’s “eye candy” over the default XP look. If you look at my XP desktop, it looks just like Vista. My machine is low-end, and just meets the minimum requirements for Vista Home Basic. That’s my only bad feeling really.

    Windows 7 was promised to be more resource efficient.

    If my computer could run it (and I had a surplus of money) I would get Vista.

    I don’t worry about stability because I have heard tons of people saying “XP is so unstable, it fried another computer!”

    So I have concluded that these people know little about Windows. For someone who has tweaked their computer as much as I have, I have only had to run one instance of the XP setup disk’s restore function (to remove a corrupt logon screen that I downloaded on the internet).

    Windows 7 should be a compilation of the greatness of Vista + all of the tweaks they have learned from the problems of Vista.

  6. I wouldn’t put “greatness & Windows 7” in the same sentence. That’s like saying “Military Intellegence”.

  7. “Windows 7 was promised to be more resource efficient. ”

    Who told you that? Microsoft?

    Well I dont know about anyone else, but Im convinced.

    Back in the real world. Many things were promised about Vista, were they not?

    If you care to read the FAQ on the MS site you will see that it states Win 7 requirements will be the same as Vista. Although what those were was anyones guess as top of the range machines had trouble with Vista aswell.

    You said “Windows 7 should be a compilation of the greatness of Vista + all of the tweaks they have learned from the problems of Vista.”

    am I missing something here? You said “Vistas greatness” then went on to mention about the “problems of Vista”. It doesnt sound that great to me. Wookie. have a look at pro sites, pro reporters and see what they say about Vista. Do these people know little about Windows.

    I use Vista at work. I develop for the damn platform. I find it awful. Thats why I have Linux at home.

    The fact that you put emphasis on “eye candy” doesnt inspire me with confidence that you are a serious user of Windows. To most users, functionality and reliability rate far higher than gfx.

    Could I end on asking you a question. What “tweaks” have MS learned from the problems of Vista? According to MS its been a huge success.

    I look forward to hearing your response.

  8. I have tried many Linux Distros in the past. However, I could never stray far from XP for its usefullness.

    I use Puppy Linux on my laptop, a 9 year old Toshiba Portege 7020 CT with 128 MB RAM.

    Vista greatness = improved security, eye candy, easy of use.

    Vista problems = high resource usage, hardware iccompatabilities.

    “If you care to read the FAQ on the MS site you will see that it states Win 7 requirements will be the same as Vista.” If a space shuttle uses the same amount of gas as a Prius does, wouldn’t the space shuttle be considered more efficient than a Prius?

  9. @clintthewookie: You may find xp useful, personally, I don’t. Eye Candy is the last if anything I would consider in a choosing an OS and if that was my criteria, I would choose apple. On the other hand I find Debian very useful. If I need to install on an older laptop, I do a minimal install then add to it my choice of desktop environment, window manager, and applications I will use.

    Then there’s security. According to secunia and other security sites, windows anti-virus systems are nothing more than pattern matching. Very ineffective since there are
    a lot of pattern variations on hand to the virus programmers than there are non-virus products.

    There’s a lot more against windows security at this site:

  10. Clintthewookie said “If a space shuttle uses the same amount of gas as a Prius does, wouldn’t the space shuttle be considered more efficient than a Prius?”

    I thought you said the reason for not upgrading to Vista was because of the Specs it required. Since its been stated that Win7 will at least require the same and we are not talking about a kernel re-write what makes you think that it will be efficient on your machine?

    The point I was trying to make was that the Vista specs are a little up in the air as to what they are. I dont believe you will find Windows 7 a magical answer to a machine that wasnt powerful enough to run Vista effectively.

    MS is worried (IMO) about Win7’s suitability for netbooks, which doesnt fill me with confidence that it will be an all singing all dancing compact and fast OS.

    Since when has MS released anything compact and fast?

    Clint says “Vista greatness = improved security, eye candy, easy of use.”

    You are joking arent you? – Have you read all the security issues Vista had and is still having? The only security Vista seems to be good at is preventing the user of it from doing anything without password, reminders and warning prompts. That didnt help security, that just made things difficult.

    I can appreciate you like XP, I can even understand why some Windows users might look forward to Win 7 (after all MS’s press machine has got you all “pumped up”) but Vista is secure? Come on!

    Clint says “Vista problems = high resource usage, hardware iccompatabilities.”

    Not according to MS, its been a complete success. You seriously believe all these issues are going to be magically fixed AND its going to be faster than ever before with lower requirements? Are you seriously saying that? – Oh, of course you are, Microsoft told you so, so it must be true.

    You’ve failed to mention backwards comp with Win 7 either.

    I really hope Microsoft delivers for you. However while youre waiting, just look back at its history and tell me, is it likely that Windows 7 is going to be the answer “to life the universe and everything”

    Ive got money on it not.

  11. Unfortunately, we are all biased in this debate. I’m biased towards Windows, others are biased against it.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft cannot (for some reason) keep XP forever. It is a great system, and I think people would be more content purchasing new service packs instead of a new OS.

    Just a little amazing thingy you said: “The only security Vista seems to be good at is preventing the user of it from doing anything without password… That didn’t help security, just made thinks difficult.”

    Anybody heard of sudo?

    Windows 7 will be better Vista backwards compatibility. They’ve made sure not to make the Vista mistake again.

    In order for new devices to be Vista-certified, now they have to work on the latest Windows 7 build.

    And Windows isn’t the only OS who doesn’t like not-new computers, I was rejected by Ubuntu 8.10 a couple days ago. On my friend’s newer computer, the same disk worked fine…

    Windows 7 will not be the answer to everything, but hopefully it will be a step in the right direction to creating an OS that is simple to use, powerful, and you can’t forget about it looking great!

    P.S. What I want for an OS is a linux distro that is as easy as Windows is. Apt-get is a step in the right direction, but the terminal scares noobs! Also, support for more usb wireless cards would be nice, its been the only reason why I haven’t switched to linux so far. Ubuntu 8.10 was supposed to work with my card, but unfortunately, it disliked my system (all other ubuntu’s have worked so far…).

  12. DRM incumbency is still the problem with windows, and windows does not write it’s hardware drivers; It relies on the manufacturer. Most FOSS hardware drivers have been the result of many developers tenaciously working at them and providing the source so others can continue to add to it.

    As for aptitude, there are other utilities that handle packages from the GUI; Synaptic, Kpackage, Adept, etc. Sudo is less intrusive than UAC.

    A good distro will have FAQ’s, Wikis, Forums and even ways to communicate with the developers themselves. Since I like to learn and do things for myself, I usually exhaust other channels before asking for help and if I can’t then I do. If things get dropped into my lap and I don’t make the effort to learn, then I won’t appreciated or retain as much.

    BTW, I’ve been supporting windows in an enterprise environment. Went to MS boot camp in Virginia for the MCSE cert for WINNT4, W2k, W2k3. Recently let it lapse. Don’t think I need it anymore since I mostly do FC Storage Architecture and have a great mentor.

    Good luck with Vista 7, though.

  13. @Clintthewookie:
    I am not bias. Vista IMO is hopeless, I think XP is a decent enough OS (although its been a while since Ive had it on any of systems)

    As Ive said before, I havent experienced Win 7.

    Now Im not against proprietary, if it actually is value for money and is functional, this is why I dont like Vista.

    Come on Clint, theres a whole world of difference between the SUDO command and Vista’s security features, you know that. Do we have to list the amount of adverse comments that have been made about it?

    “Windows 7 will be better Vista backwards compatibility.”
    Where did you get that from? Are you more than just a “normal” user?

    We are going down the same lines as Vista again arent we? Look at all the claims that were made prior to release. Look at what Vista actually was.
    MS seems to think Mojave proved that Vista was a success. Mojave was not what users got when they installed Vista at home was it?

    Your comment about 8.10 is different again to the Vista problem. Firstly unless Im some sort of super user Ubuntu can be installed in about 20minutes, and the older versions (8.04LTS) are still supported. Thats very different from a proprietary package that will take most users 20+ hours to install, only to find that because their PC hasnt been send back in time from the year 2050, they dont have the specs to run it.

    You mention about “scaring noobs” in relation to Linux. Appart from that being wrong (I dont believe my wife ever drops into terminal and can quite happily use “add new software”) it puzzles me why you should care, you are obviously not a “noob”, so whats it to do with your computer use?

    Ubuntu is not the only distro, and it puzzles me that you are looking for a Ubuntu solution when you’ve already said you are waiting for Windows 7.

    Why not just stick with XP until Windows 7 is released?

    I am not bias, I am just experienced in both platforms, I prefer Linux, but having said that I wouldnt cheapen Windows 7 if it turns out to be worthwhile. (Notice how I dont belittle MAC OS/X)

    From past experience, and no faith in MS claims, I dont believe for one minute Windows 7 will be half as good as MS claim.

  14. @Jonbo

    Thanks for reading the article. But I’ve replaced Mandriva by Ubuntu 8.10. Wireless works now on Ubuntu as well and I prefer the Debian package management system. Besides that I am an active member in the Ubuntu community. Beta testing/bugreports and I run a “Ubuntu Service Site”, but besides Ubuntu I support *any* GNU/Linux distribution.

    Bookmarked your Blog, love it!


  15. The shills have a game plan. First part of the plan is no association with Microsoft, so its hard with some to prove. Andre however, is more than a simple shill. His posts are not just on MS watch, they are all over the internet. For a guy that is supposedly young and from the most backward 3rd country in the western hemisphere, Andre, has done well by himself. In less than seven years time, he has posted more comments than 3 or 4 full time people could. Don’t believe me just google for it.
    Andre is not oddly enough a MS MVP. He is too valuable for that. By making him an MVP the blogging community would not accept him as one of their own. And the goal is to have Andre entrenched as an impartial blogger, who blogs on Microsoft, and software in general. This is accomplished by having Andre write articles on Activewin and other sites run by MS MVP that read like “just the facts,” websites.
    Also, u can check out the link on MS Watch where the free computers that Andre got came from, including the picture of the free laptop from Micro$oft.
    For a guy from a poor country, he sure flys to NY and LA often, one wonders where he gets that kind of money? LOL!15961

  16. During my absence, I have become “enlightened” by switching my primary os from XP to Ubuntu 8.04 (not 8.10 because something in there doesn’t like my computer).

    The speed boost is amazing, unfortunately, XP will stick around for games; my VIA graphics card doesn’t have a linux driver with 3d acceleration.

  17. Im pleased to hear you have a better experience than before.

    You cant really go wrong with Ubuntu and I hope you enjoy!

    What I would say though is dont be too quick to think that Linux is unable to play games, as I showed in another article Linux runs World of Warcraft far better than Windows does, it simply depends on which game.

    I am really pleased youve moved over to using Linux, and I think you’ll find some of the things that annoyed you with a Windows platform simply dont exist on Linux!

    As always if you have any questions/pproblems please email me, Ill do whatever I can to help!


  18. One thing i love about Ubuntu is its stability. I love how explorer.exe doesn’t crash when I open too many windows.

    It’s also nice to have about 6 security updates every couple days; it’s nice to know that someone cares about me (since XP will lose it’s support soon).

    Unfortunately, games will not work because my VIA K8M890 graphics card does not support 3d acceleration in Linux (I am able to get shadows, however). Most games require 3D acceleration.

    I have always stabbed at Linux (such as Puppy Linux), but have never been able to get it to be permanent, because I could never get NDISWRAPPER to work for my wireless card (my only way to get internet.) However, this time when I tried it, it worked! So now I have Ubuntu (I just hope whatever change from 8.04 to 8.10 produced my bootup error is removed from 9.04!).

  19. Remember to give your feedback on the forums, distros rely on experiences of users to improve the product.

    I presume though by your reference to “explorer.exe” you are refering to firefox or similar, unless that is your using Wine to run IE?

    Theres always the option of dual booting.

    I am happy that you’ve had a good experience and I hope if you have any problems you will email me. Ill be happy to help if I can.

  20. I was talking about XP’s unstability with the explorer mention.

    I am currently using Wubi to run Ubuntu, and it’s marvelous.

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