Right, we’ve got a new section for the Openbytes site.

Lord of the shills is going to be an award given to the best Microsoft Shilling comments I see on my travels around the world wide web.  So without further ado lets get onto laughing at some of the classics Im posting today (be warned though, these comments contain words of extreme ignorance and downright false information):

“Windows Vista is loved, its only those living in an IT bubble like you that are complaining Joe.by: Andre Da Costa 02/12/2008 on Microsoft Watch

I can’t wait till windows 7 comes along with “Touch Screen” capabilities, put that together with speech recognition and pretty soon there won’t be a situation like there is now.” by: Neil 02/12/2008 on Microsoft Watch

“I am a programmer and I tried to install Linux one time and gave up… good luck to all those people I have to instruct where to type in a URL or where the “Start” button is.” by: Ron 28/11/2008 on Microsoft Watch

Buy Vista! Its what Vicky Pollard would use!

Oh and save the best for last, here is a person who Im sure most people will agree is of awesome intellect.  They are called Teddy and want to make a comment about Vista (please stay with them, they get technical at times!: (Their speaking style is quite unique and reminds me of a sketch from Little Britain.  Maybe Vicky Pollard is using Vista?

“I like vista, coz it’s stable and secure(and thus I can’t change back using XP..), u will find none or less blue screen on it(both mine & my client), someone always say it comsume big resources, but the big resouces behind is the secure and stable OS, and the HW price is low, so I dont think it cause problem(surely running XP on the same HW seem faster but pls be reminded that the OS “qualility is DIFFERENT!”), so I hope more ppl is going to use vista in coming year!” By: Teddy 1/12/2008 on Microsoft Watch

So I think for today Teddy wins the Lord of the Shills title, although to suggest Microsoft would want to pay them to post in this manner would be insane, or would it?  Maybe Microsofts new plan is to appeal to the “yoof” of today?  Maybe we will see Ballmer hanging out on street corners wearing a hooded top?

Anyway, I digress, well done Teddy!