NEWS: Ubuntu Vs The World!

boxer_-_cartoon_21Well not exactly, but those nice people over at Phoronix have comparison benchmarks between Ubuntu and other Linux distros (something which Ive always been too lazy to get around to)  I would go into the results here, but it hardly seems fair when Phoronix have made interesting and detailed reports, so Ill recommend you visit their site!

The one I was most interested in was Ubuntu V Fedora, and the results showed on average pretty much the same performance.  Other interesting benchmarks were Ubuntu 7.10 + Wine V Windows XP.

Without further ado, Ill link to the reports below and you can see for yourself:

Fedora 10 V Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu 7.10 + Wine V Windows XP

Ubuntu 7.10 V Fedora 8

There are others, but these were the ones that I found most interesting to me.  Check em out!   Maybe this will be the start of other direct comparisons?


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