ARTICLE: Build your own distro! – from the source up!

lfs-logoIve seen articles in Linux magazines that explain how to customize an existing distro and then stick it on a CD for others to share.  Thats not really making your own, is it?

I was pretty happy then, when I saw this site LFS Project Homepage (Linux from Scratch) which is a free book/tutorial which shows you how to do it from source (in a step by step, from the beginning way).  The tone of the tutorial is relaxed and friendly (alot like here!?!) and its all available from the website (link at the bottom!)

So why would you want to build your own?  Well firstly, if you want to be as well known as Mark Shuttleworth or if there is a particular direction you want your distro to take.  Really, as they say, the world is your open source oyster.

LFS Project Homepage


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  1. I’ve used Linux from scratch with a two-fold reason. One: to learn the inner workings of Linux. Two: the result of building your distro enables you to have it optimized for your current hardware. This is not a half day endeavor, though. You need some available time, tenacity, and concentration. I did this before they released a live CD, which speeds up the process, by skipping some compiling, but you may miss some learning if you go the live CD route.

    If you’re looking to optimize Linux for your current hardware, you can go with a source based (Gentoo, Sourcerer, Source Mage, etc.). You’ll still need to have available time for this also.

    But for learning you really can’t beat LFS and it’s tutorial. The time and effort will pay off.

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