NEWS – 10 for that? you must be mad.

or Microsoft/Yahoo deal, “total fiction”

Another Monty Python quote to continue our news on the Microsoft/Yahoo deal which is being reported as “total fiction” the source is, as Business Day put it, “an influential US blog”

The Times Newsgroup has not stated its sources.

The article can be read on Business Day by clicking here

So what do we think the truth is?  Does anyone care?  Does anyone think Microsoft has any chance of competing with Google?

The original Openbytes article which was posted this morning can be found by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “NEWS – 10 for that? you must be mad.

Add yours

  1. Google is synonymous with search. When asked to look for something on the net, they’ll usually say, “Google it” or “Google is your friend”. Can you say the same with Microsoft?

  2. Very true, xISO-ZWT and even IF MS offered the best search engine on the planet, by habit I would still be typing

    If MS thinks they can break that habit (as I dont believe Im the only one who thinks like this) best of luck to them.

    Nice to see you again, keep in touch!


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