ARTICLE: MONO 2.0 – Beware of a Novell bearing gifts

9809tcOpen source is great isnt it?  Making the break from Microsoft dependancy, feels liberating. It doesnt matter if you’ve simply replaced MS Office with Open Office or you replaced your entire system with Linux.  So whats this article about? well, there is alot of confusion over what Mono is, what its for and why, In my opinion, you want no part of it.

So what is Mono?

Very simply put (and I keep in mind the many people who read this are not coders) is a collection of development tools for cross platform development between Mac/Win/Linux and it is the Linux version of Windows .net.  It encorporates the c# language (which is adapted version of C++, made by Microsoft)

For those with only a passing interesting in programming, this is Mono in a nutshell.  Mono is in version 2 and probably available from most, if not all repositories.

So whats the problem?

Well simply put, we all know about how Novell jumped into bed with Microsoft.  Although MS doesnt see Linux as a threat (according to their own statements), they seem very keen to stick their grubby little fingers into the open source pie.  Novell is sponsoring Mono, although to me that suggests more of a case of developing and funding Mono, under the supervision of its bed partner Microsoft.   It is my opinion that if Microsoft are looking to sneak into through an open backdoor into the Open source world, this is the opportunity.

Something fishy?

Take a look at the Mono website.  Looks nice?  Nice picture of Windows Logo and Linux…ah isnt that sweet?  Well no, read further down the page and you will see that this “open source” offering takes a more serious tone the further you read down the page, notice something else?  Well now theres talk of commercial licenses, and youre still considering using this on your machine?  The site proudly says “Mono 2.0 is our gift to the world.“- Hmm.

Please think very carefully before installing this on your system.  Want a cross platform language? What about Python?  I dont need to mention C as that is a standard for any long in the tooth Linux user.  Im not going to list the alternatives here as they are so numerous, but I would like to close on you considering recent events in terms of Open source/Linux issues and MS:

Mono (“sponsored by Novell” official mistress to Microsoft)

Java (Made by Sun who Microsoft are using to pimp their MSlive toolbar)

See the infection beginning to spread? I will put money on this time next year the list will be larger.

Ill leave you all to make your own decisions.


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