NEWS: XBOX 360 – The end of the console?

Article by Goblin[RFD]

That got your attention didnt it?  I often like to start my posts wilth a title that whilst relates to what Im talking about, it not really how it reads.

It gets me hits anyway, and to all the MS shillers/agents/workers/employees/soul sellers, thanks for coming!

I know youre itching to put your propaganda onto my comments (and youre welcome, unlike MS blogs I dont believe in moderation) though I think you will be disappointed.

So its the end of the Xbox360 is it?  Well it is for me.  When I first became involved in the open source scene, I was more than happy to talk and have interesting debates with MS users.  I was happy that some people used MS products and some didnt, freedom of choice, I thought.

Then I started to discover that the open source belief that “people are free to choose” is not held by everyone, and users on the net with hidden agenda’s would try to distort the truth just so that the MS way is seen as the only way.  Lets make no mistake MS is here to make a profit.  IMO if they believed they could sell you a wet toilet roll they would.

MS has been making deals left right and center, with trying to get the better of Google, muscling in on Novell and IMO doing everything it can to ensure that its users dont experience the open source (or indeed alternatives) to their products.

So whats that got to do with Xbox 360?  Well for a good while I enjoyed my Xbox experience.  I had the original one, and despite the issues with the 360 and faults, I have had none.  I feel though, that by continuing to use the 360, I am simply funding the MS machine which I so strongly disagree with.

The kids are getting a WII for Xmas, and I will be getting a PS3.  As I have said before, I have no problems with proprietary, however I will not help fund a company that I believe is so strongly against what I support 100% (open source that is)

I appologise if this sounds like a rant, I appologise if this comes across as petty.  But when I constantly see people with a financial interest in MS posting anything just to try to distort the honest message, it boils my blood.

So thanks to the MS shillers, I wont be using my Xbox360 anymore, and you know what?  I feel cleaner for it.


3 thoughts on “NEWS: XBOX 360 – The end of the console?

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  1. When Gates said, “The average computer user had the brain of a spider monkey”, that clued me into the lack of respect he had for his clients. Therefore, I don’t use Microsoft products.

    When Intel sabotaged the OLPC project, I stopped purchasing anything Intel. There are alternatives: AMD, VIA, etc. Oh yeah, not to forget ARM; MS can’t run on that either.

  2. Cheers for the comments. I would like to say that I had problems with the 360, but I didnt. I think that by voting with our feet is the only way MS will get the message to steer clear of open source.

    Not that Im under any illusions that my one man protest will make any difference to MS’s profit or business strategy.

    Hmmm… …….theres an idea….

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