MUSIC: SEVERED FIFTH – Denied by Reign

severedfifth-deniedbyreign-frontcoverI know this site is aimed at Open Source software, however since this is music released in a similar ethos, I am placing it here.

I was linked to the Severed Fifth site by a link from the Ubuntu Satanic Edition Website (review of that distro coming up soon) and being a metal fan could not resist downloading.

The music is released free, from the site and is offered in OGG (yeah!) or MP3 (boo!) format.   It is offered under a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license.

Now I know that I am a little late with this discovery, since the album was released on the 21st October 2008.  But after hearing the work, I just had to place a review here!

What can I say? Production wise, spot on. Commercially viable? In my opinion yes.  I am a metal fan of many years and Severed Fifth put me in mind of a band called Battlelore.  Its tracks have a mixture of vocals, and the thumping riffs will get you banging your head Beavis and Butthead style in seconds.

You cannot call yourself a fan of metal without listening to this album!

For this to be released as it has, is in my opinion an act of great generousity by the band. I would hope everyone downloads, shares, promotes and supports this great band, who dont ask for your cash, simply that you listen to their work.

Visit the official website and download the album by clicking here.


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