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REVIEW: LIFEREA v1.4.22b – RSS readers have never been so easy!

mediaphp1Article by Goblin[RFD]

We all like to keep up to date with the news, however, believe it or not I had never used a RSS reader package before.  I installed LIFEREA on Ubuntu 8.10 and whilst the repositories had an older version, I was able to get v.1.4.22b from here! It should be noted however that the latest stable version is now v1.4.22c and you can get that from the official site.

How can I start? Well its an RSS reader, and a very simple to use one at that!  The package is tiny (1.1mb) and within seconds I was subscribing to all my sites of choice, including the Pro-open source Microsoft Watch!

Its layout is very similar to any email package you have used before and as I say Id be supprised if anyone has difficulties using this package.

It works seemlessly with Ubuntu, but I am presuming this is the case for all other distros aswell. Liferea supports Atom, RSS and OPML as well as offline reading.

The official site says “Liferea tries to fill this gap by creating a fast, easy to use, easy to install news aggregator for Gtk/Gnome.” and in my opinion suceeds in this excellently.

95% A compact, fast piece of software that does exactly what it says it does.

Visit the official site by clicking here!

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One thought on “REVIEW: LIFEREA v1.4.22b – RSS readers have never been so easy!

  1. I installed this on my laptop. It works as advertised. Sweet.

    All the best

    Posted by xISO_ZWT | November 20, 2008, 3:28 am

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