As if users didnt have enough options with toolbars, it seems like every company is desparate for you to have theirs, and now Microsoft is no exception.  In an attempt to gain more market penetration with their MSLive and to tackle Google (which in anycase is a household name now) Microsoft have banded together with Sun systems and agreed that their toolbar should be offered allong side a Java upgrade. Aswell as offering the access to the MSlive search through your toolbar, you get news and access to hotmail, excellent, just what we always wanted another toolbar with features we dont need or already have.

Microsoft are reported to have said “This agreement with Sun Microsystems is another important milestone in our strategy to secure broad-scale distribution for our search offering, enabling millions more people to experience the benefits of Live Search,” – Benefits? What benefits? Please elaborate.

Well thats lovely Microsoft.  Not able to attract users to the MSLive search “offering” from Google, youre now going to bundle your toolbar along with a Java upgrade and hope users take up your “kind” offer.  Thats just what everyone needs ANOTHER toolbar, and I feel sorry for the people who dont notice your “kind gift”

Microsoft is far too late to tackle google (IMO).  Forgeting about MS’s poor image on the many forums and blogs, people use Google because it has now almost become a global word for search.

MSlive is obviously what they are interested in today (it will change next week) and the shill posters have already started to appear claiming its a more relevant search than Google.  I took one of these people up on that and tested.  Both return about the same results, although MSlive (IMO) wont be used because of the damaged MS image (IMO) and the fact that everyone just likes to “do a google”  Its also worth noting that I havent had a response to a request of the shill to give us an example search.

You can read the article on the very good PC Magazine site, by clicking HERE

I wonder what methods MS will use next?  I would hope people send a message out to MS by not accepting the toolbar.  I will certainly be making sure it goes nowhere near anyones machine that I know.