NEWS: Windows 7 bootup, does Microsoft know the competition?

Article by Goblin[RFD]

Just a quick little snippet of news.  Anyone who takes strange joy in reading Microsofts latest claims about Windows 7, will not have failed to notice that instead of mentioning things like lower system specs and optimised code, they appear to have got interested in fast bootup times for their new version.  Thats very nice Im sure.

Im sure it will mean alot for users to have the WIndows 7 boot in record time.  Microsoft, I think people want to know what you are doing to prevent it becoming another Vista.  What goods a record breaking boot time if the user finds that the net rumours are true and Windows 7 is nothing more than Vista SP3.

And what is a record?  Net rumours seem to suggest that MS is touting 15 seconds as record time. WOW! Unfortunately for Microsoft, who as I saw a user stating on Microsoft Watch recently, have “arrived at the party late and undressed”  It is reported that a Linux distro is booting in 2.97 seconds on a low powered system.  You can read the article here.

It is also being reported that a netbook has booted Fedora in 9 seconds, all of which come in better than the rumoured MS claim of 15 seconds.

For me personally, 2 seconds, 15 seconds or anything under 30 seconds are acceptable, and its not really an issue.  If MS feel that a 15 second boot is important to users, let them get on with it.  In my opinion we will be welcoming more users to Linux.

Microsoft, if the rumours are true about your bootup goals, then in my opinion its yet again a case of too little too late.

We’ll see in 2009 when Windows 7 is released what it actually does offer.


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  1. Personally, everything Microsoft does now is just trying to empty its basement of unfinished products to gloss over the fact that FOSS has beat them to the punch years ago, and they’re hoping to catch something with all those vapor like products.

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