NEWS: Round up from a week with the penguin!

Chrome on Linux?

Its here already!  Tired of waiting for Google to get itself into gear and release the port for Linux.  Codeweavers through their Crossover software gives support to Chrome, so you can test it out yourself.  I have to keep asking, what is Chrome offering that I really need?

Click here to visit the Codeweavers website.

Microsoft Watch goes from strength to strength!

Fans of the pro-linux and alternatives site Microsoft Watch will have noticed recently a massive increase in comments made on the site.  Of course these are mostly by people with issues with MS, but they are peppered in places with posts from our lovable MS shills who love to post their adverts as much as everyone else likes to find fault in them.

Over the last few days, everyones favorite MS Shill Andre has been absent, where is he?  has his employers given him the push? has he not been sent a PR sheet to copy and paste from? or has he locked himself in the bathroom with a MS catalog and a tub of hand cream?

Where ever he is, Microsoft Watch has been dull and we await his speedy return.

Click here to visit the Microsoft Watch site

Microsoft announces another schema!

Last week announced Oslo, its new platform model for software developers.  It recieved a massive expression of interest on MS watch, a total of 0 posts, until I decided to do a rather cheap flame bait in an attempt to generate atleast a little discussion.  Unfortunately our MS shills didnt bite, and we had a comment from someone who actually does know what they are talking about.  In my opinion there is very little interest because a/ its another MS schema (pun intended) that they havent a clue about or b/ they just dont understand nor care what it is.

The shame is, I actually think the ethos is a good one.  Now if only MS can get over its image problem and convince people to buy into it.  Time will tell.


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