SDLBASIC – The high-level interpreter for all?

sdlbasic_running_on_morphosAMOS.  That name may ring a few bells with anyone who owned an Amiga computer all those years ago.  It was a high-level language, similar to BASIC yet powerful to allow all sorts of fancy programs.  What made AMOS great was that it allowed some quite advanced software to be made by people who were not in a possition to learn Assembly or C.

One of my gripes about Linux was the lack of accessable highlevel languages for the new user, and whilst I will never deviate from my beloved C++, I understand the need for others packages to bring development within the reach of anyone.

sdlbasic_running_on_macosxThat does not mean though that SDLbasic is a walk in the park!  Its not, its a structured, intrepretted language based on BASIC with (as the creator admits) an influence of AMOS.  Its not a language that you can create a masterpiece in a few clicks.  Its a serious program that as the creator says “combines the simplicity of Basic language with the power of SDL libraries”

Ive seen a few impressive demo’s with it, and of course being an Amiga fan was very impressed at the parallax scrolling Shadow of the Beast intro!

If you are looking for an accesssable highlevel language to create some impressive works, then consider checking out SDLbasic.  I think you will be impressed.  It is also cross platform and supports PSP development.

I am amazed (again) that this package has slipped my net before, and thanks go to Mohiex99 for bringing my attention to it.

Click here to visit the official site!


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