Hi!  Ive been asked to include a mention (and take a look at) at piece of software not only aimed at the average gamesplayer, but also for the younger Linux user.

The important thing about bringing Linux into your home is that everyone can use it, and whilst these days people are playing games on their consoles, its nice to simple games for younger budding Linux users!

Thats where Secret Maryo Chronicles comes in.  For the older audience, the name and certainly the graphics will look similar to Super Mario on the Snes, and to all intents and purposes it is.

An addictive little platformer that has your hero moving through a series of levels, jumping on baddies, collecting powerups and doing it all in a pleasant cartoon environment.

With so many games these days involving blasting your way through hordes of Zombies, its nice to have a simple, safe and fun platformer that you can happily leave the kids playing (and I certainly enjoy this type of platform game as it takes me back to the days of the SNES)

Sound wise its just as “fluffy” and SNES Mario fans will recognise a few things here and there!  The graphics are smooth, and the option to run it full screen or windowed is nice if you want to be doing other things whilst having a little jump around on bad guys heads!

85% – A fun, friendly game that everyone will enjoy!

Click here to visit the official site and download!


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