REVIEW: GFCE v0.6.0 – NES Emulation!

Article by Goblin[RFD]

With most people these days only interested in FPS’s and fast/furious games full of CGI and surround SFX, its easy to forget about the older consoles.  Emulation is a popular pastime for many, and on the Linux platform you are just as spoiled for choice as how to do it.

Remember the days of the little old NES? the 8bit console that brought Mario to your TV?  I personally didnt own one at the time, I had a Spectrum and a Sega Master System.  I do remember (for a short while anyway) many pubs used to have a NES arcade machine where there was a selection of games and you paid for an amount of time on the system.  There were many games which came on the system which were really good fun (Duck Hunt for starters!), and I believe Nintendo fun that “fun” ingredient again with its latest console the WII.  Dont you think it scarey that one day we will look back at the current generation of consoles in the same way we regard the NES now?

Anyway I digress, and youre interested in my opinion of GFCE v0.6.0.  I will begin by saying that there is a later version, as I recieved this from Intrepids repository.  The website shows that there is a cross platform v0.6.1 and then it joins with another emulation project to be v2.0.0.

Its a very simple emulator to use.  You select the ROM you wish to play, and execute! Sound support is here, as is full screen.  The speed is great and its the same as the original product!  Now a few gripes, which hopefully will get resolved (and may have in later version)  Redefining the keys when emulating the NES gamepad is very un-userfriendly. There is no gfx representation of the controler and its all rather confusing, this supprised me because the rest of the package is so easy to use.

It may be a fault of my system or the fact that Im used to playing HQ ogg files, but the sound is a tiny bit crackly, maybe that is how the original system was and Im just being fussy!?!

Ive tested this software on many ROMS and have yet to find an incompatible one.

If you are running Ibex, you will have this review version in your repository, otherwise:

You can visit the website and download from here.

80% – A great NES emulator, let down a little by an over complicated/confusing controller configuration.


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