REVIEW: BRASERO v0.8.2 – CD/DVD writing software!

Article by Goblin[RFD]

I remember the days of Windows, using proprietary DVD writing software, Nero was a package that I used, and appart from being quite slow to load, it served its purpose well.

With the upgrade to Intrepid Ibex, I am now presented with Brasero v0.8.2 and have been using previous versions for a while.

Theres not much to say about DVD writing software, I cant regail you with interesting stories or fancy wordage.  I believe this is typical of many open source utils, no fancy useless bells and whistles, open source packages do exactly what they say they do.

In my opinion for burning DVD/CD/SVCD’s go no further than Brasero. Credit and kudos need to go to the two people responsible for this package, Philippe Rouquier and Luis Medinas.

The program itself peforms to my expectations (as it has since the first version that I tried) and is an excellent example of what open source is all about.  Once the package is loaded you are presented with different options, although for me to explain them would be insulting to you, as the package is so user friendly, you really cannot go wrong.

One thing I will say.  On previous platforms with Nero, I found making a DVD/CD from an ISO to be a hit and miss affair.  Since being a Brasero user, Ive never had any problems whatsoever.

I really hope users support the creators of this fantastic piece of software.

Visit the site to see the full list of features and download today!


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