NEWS: EVO SMART CONSOLE – A Linux powered console!

Article by Goblin[RFD]

The EVO SMART CONSOLE is to be released very shortly by Envisions. It runs off a modified Fedora 8 platform.

So is this the right time for release?  Well firstly we have a solid WII and Xbox 360 base with PS3 somewhere around.  Next up is the global credit crisis. Will people have the money to spend?  and probably most importantly, will developers want to invest in creating software for the machine, where until now Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are the names known for home consoles, and finally what of the console itself?  To me it looks quite dated and certainly not in keeping with todays designs.

The ethos of the EVO is great, it wants to encourage development and creativity both by companies and home users alike.    In press releases its stated as playing World of Padman, SuperTux and The Battle for Wesnoth, which whilst are great little games, they are hardly on a par to Fable 2, Oblivion or GTA are they?

Im in two minds if this is a console being marketed primarilly as a Linux box to plug into your television, or a games console.  It also mentions having a catalogue of Amiga games, but does not seem to mention if these are ported versions or if it comes with Amiga compatibility.

If this console goes down the open source route, whereby emulation of any platform is open to it, then they may be onto a winner.  To compete against brand names such as Sony Ninendo or Microsoft? Im not sure.

There are many features being offered, with online services, developer packs etc.  Time will tell when this system is released to the public.  I am led to believe that by the end of this month the dev version will be available, with a home user release to follow.

Specs are as follows:

* Processor — AMD Athlon 64×2 5600 clocked at 2.9GHz
* Graphics processor — ATI HD 3200
* Memory — 2GB DDR2
* Display — supports 1080i and 1080p/HDCP resolution; ATI HD 3200 Chipset
* Video codecs — H.564 VC1; MPEG2
* Video output — DVI; HDMI
* Storage — 120GB or 250GB hard drive, plus online cloud storage (10GB free)
* Peripherals — CD/DVD ROM;
* Networking — 2 x 10/100 Ethernet
* USB — 2 x USB 2.0
* Dimensions — 11.8 x 2.6 x 10,7 inches (300 x 65 x 273mm)
* Operating system — Fedora 8 with option to convert to Linux-based Mirrors Evolution distro.

You can visit the website here.


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