Im sure there are many people who want to help the Ubuntu cause, but cant for many different reasons.

Heres an easy way to show your support and help share the Ubuntu love around – Bittorrent!  Download and share the iso’s!

If you havent already used Transmission, nows the time to do it! Im currently using 1.34 which came bundled with Intrepid Ibex!

I normally shy away from bittorrent as it is a common piracy protocol, but by using it to help share Ubuntu, I dont mind!

Dont use Ubuntu?  No matter, most major distros (and alot of minor ones) have a link on their site to a bit-torrent file.  Download and share! (Im currently seeding Fedora 9 as well as Ubuntu 8.10!

Click here to go to the Ubuntu Bittorrent files!