REVIEW: UBUNTU 8.10 – The Intrepid Ibex!

Article by Goblin[RFD]

Before we delve into a look at the latest Ubuntu release, Ill explain to any of you out there, who are asking “what on earth is an Ibex?” – Its a mythical creature which is a cross between a deer and a rabbit *-Edit: No its not! Im getting a little ahead of myself and confusing it with Jackelope which is the next version.  Article left unedited to show my stupidity!

Now, onto looking at the distro.  I am a big fan of the Ubuntu distro.  In my opinion it is one of the best distros out there for both the new and experienced user alike.  It takes alot of the headaches of running Linux away from the user and all the people I have introduced it to have said the same thing.

If you are looking at installing a Linux distro for the first time, you cant really go wrong with Ubuntu.  That being said, this is a look at v8.10, so ill continue with a look at some of the features.

Open Office 2.4.1 is included, which in my opinion is a shame, as version 3.0 has been released on the official site (and apparently broken a few records of it own on the download stats)  Firefox 3.0.3 is also included (not the latest beta from the Firefox site of 3.1) this is no bad thing, Firefox 3.0.3 is the latest stable release, and with something as essential to most users these days as internet browsing 3.0.3 is the best choice.

Brasero 0.8.2 is here as well to provide all your CD/DVD writing needs, I am currently a user of 0.7.1 and I have nothing but praise for this functional, fast and most importantly RELIABLE piece of DVD writing software.  In my opinion you need to look no further than this package.

There are tweaks to the system everywhere, and as I write this, I am wondering how many more performance increases I am going to notice.  That aside, in my opinion, anyone with concerns about updating from Hardy, should not have any.  To set your mind at rest, you could pop over to the Ubuntu forums and site to check for any issues with the hardware that you are running.

There are plenty of sites going into great detail about what exactly is included, and I am putting this entry here mainly as another opinion on the net, to give potential users another viewpoint.

Speed wise, I believe it to be an improvement over the last version (or is that just me) Hardy was always quick for me, but Ibex seems to have a little edge, both on program execution and initial bootup.  Theres also the bluetooth function which provided immediate functionality for me.

In these days of Microsoft product overload, buggy Vista and yet another Windows release on the horizon (yep apparently next year) its refreshing to see an OS that is released on time and actually delivers what it promises.

I personally dont think there is anything majorly groundbreaking in this release of Ubuntu over the previous (if you have Hardy running without issue on your system), however I would recommend the upgrade for existing users and I would certainly direct new Linux users in the direction of it as well.  Theres the option to upgrade 8.04 to 8.10 (and full instructions on the Ubuntu website)

Take care all.  Enjoy the Ibex!

Visit the Ubuntu website and get your copy now!

If you want to check out what other sources on the net are saying about our beloved Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, check out the links:


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