Article by Goblin[RFD]

On the back of a great distro release (Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex) we come to Windows 7.  Now I know this is a Linux blog and therefore not many readers will be interested in reading about a Windows platform, I think its worth noting some of the comments that Microsofts latest offering has received (albeit an early release version)

These are the comments that wont be quoted by the pro MS posters, there are those who wrote good comments about the system, but the way that these are pimped around the net as the definitive ones on Windows 7, I thought that Id make sure people are aware of other viewpoints, so they can best make up their own mind.

Heres a small selection:

“It needs some work as far as usability is concerned” – Mathew Firth, PetCareRX.

“..still a bit buggy, not totaly smooth” – Allan Thraen, EPIServer.

“It looks like a re-packaged Vista [with] a little bit of eye candy” – Daniel McGloin, Intuit.

“Overall, I’m extremely disappointed with Windows 7. Far from atoning for Vista’s sins, Windows 7 simply carries them forward, visiting them upon yet another generation. Windows 7 is no panacea. Rather, it’s just more of the same: slow, bloated, and frustrating as hell.” – Infoworld.

“When it comes to Windows 7, Microsoft hasn’t just learned from the mistakes of Windows Vista. It has picked up a thing or two from Apple’s OS X, judging by first impressions” – The Register.

“I have seen the future, and it is bleak. Windows 7, the next big version, the one that was supposed to fix everything that was wrong with Vista, is here (at least in pre-beta form), and I can now say – with some confidence – that Microsoft has once again dropped the ball.” – Infoworld.

So who is right?  What is the definitive answer?  The most valuable opinion is your own, although most users wont get a chance to find out until its release next year.

I think one thing is for certain, if as the hype suggested it was going to be the best OS ever, would we have any negative comments?   It must be stressed that the version commented on was an early one (apparently).  One thing is for sure though, Windows 7 will not be going anywhere near my system.

I think that whilst poor public opinion of Vista continues, MS will continue to see a migration from their operating system, and by the time Windows 7 is officially released to the public, how many MS diehards will still be waiting around?

I’ll leave you to answer that as you are experiencing the joys of running a Linux system, and if you are a Windows user considering making the switch, look no further than Ubuntu!