NEWS: WINDOWS 7 – First comments!

Article by Goblin[RFD]

On the back of a great distro release (Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex) we come to Windows 7.  Now I know this is a Linux blog and therefore not many readers will be interested in reading about a Windows platform, I think its worth noting some of the comments that Microsofts latest offering has received (albeit an early release version)

These are the comments that wont be quoted by the pro MS posters, there are those who wrote good comments about the system, but the way that these are pimped around the net as the definitive ones on Windows 7, I thought that Id make sure people are aware of other viewpoints, so they can best make up their own mind.

Heres a small selection:

“It needs some work as far as usability is concerned” – Mathew Firth, PetCareRX.

“..still a bit buggy, not totaly smooth” – Allan Thraen, EPIServer.

“It looks like a re-packaged Vista [with] a little bit of eye candy” – Daniel McGloin, Intuit.

“Overall, I’m extremely disappointed with Windows 7. Far from atoning for Vista’s sins, Windows 7 simply carries them forward, visiting them upon yet another generation. Windows 7 is no panacea. Rather, it’s just more of the same: slow, bloated, and frustrating as hell.” – Infoworld.

“When it comes to Windows 7, Microsoft hasn’t just learned from the mistakes of Windows Vista. It has picked up a thing or two from Apple’s OS X, judging by first impressions” – The Register.

“I have seen the future, and it is bleak. Windows 7, the next big version, the one that was supposed to fix everything that was wrong with Vista, is here (at least in pre-beta form), and I can now say – with some confidence – that Microsoft has once again dropped the ball.” – Infoworld.

So who is right?  What is the definitive answer?  The most valuable opinion is your own, although most users wont get a chance to find out until its release next year.

I think one thing is for certain, if as the hype suggested it was going to be the best OS ever, would we have any negative comments?   It must be stressed that the version commented on was an early one (apparently).  One thing is for sure though, Windows 7 will not be going anywhere near my system.

I think that whilst poor public opinion of Vista continues, MS will continue to see a migration from their operating system, and by the time Windows 7 is officially released to the public, how many MS diehards will still be waiting around?

I’ll leave you to answer that as you are experiencing the joys of running a Linux system, and if you are a Windows user considering making the switch, look no further than Ubuntu!



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  1. Please read the article carefully.
    I said that there had been comments from the PDC quoted by pro MS supporters. The comments I listed were made by attendees at the PDC and are the ones pro MS supporters dont seem to be printing about.

    The reason I quoted the comment makers name is that they WERE at the PDC.

    It wouldnt really be fair to only hear about the possitive comments made would it? We want a balanced view dont we?
    Or maybe not.

    Much as I trust!(?) the impartiality of a Microsoft website, when talking about MS products. I dont think it would be productive to just visit that site, they are hardly going to print the bad comments are they?

    Please do your research, if you check the names of the people commenting at the article you will find that they were in attendance.

    Are you calling the above people liars? If so I can write an article about it, if you think they were being dishonest.

    Thank you very much for commenting. Its nice to see pro-MS supporters visiting a Linux site (Ive had a look at your blog) Maybe you are considering making the switch? If you would like any advice on what distro to replace Vista with, please dont hesitate to ask.


  2. We’ve seen this before from microsoft: “Damage control thru vaporware”

    They’ll try to fit a square block into a round hole no matter which hammer they use.

    – It’s still DRM riddled, which, of course means, there’s no security.
    – Not compatible with existing major windows apps.
    – Like vista, it requires major hardware upgrades.

    Ballmer himself said it was going to be based on vista. All they were working on was the interface and a few other things. Re-writing eye candy doesn’t change core files. Microsoft is spending more money on bully marketing, lobbying, etc. If that money was used to actually re-write the OS, maybe it will take, then again, Microsoft claimed it re-wrote it a few times already.

  3. Hi xISO_ZWT!

    One question that does not seem to be answered is, how backward compatible is Windows 7. We all know about the Vista issues, is Windows 7 any better?

    Our pro MS agent Alex wont return. They never do, and even if they do we wont get a straight answer.

    Thanks for the comment, I completely agree with your statements xISO_ZWT. Are you posting over at If not, we could always use extra help promoting the open source cause!!!

    Kind regards

  4. I will register so I can leave comments. I’m usually reading Roy’s article at BoycottNovell. Unlike some astroturfers and shills who think he shoots from the hip, I think his writing is concise and direct to the point. Tried registering at cnet, they said emai was invalid. Keep up the good work.

  5. Yeah, I saw a post of yours on Boycott. Im currently in the chatroom. I agree, its a great site!
    I dont think the MS watch site lets you register, but theres great fun to be had over there. Look out for Andre da Costa, he’s one of the celebrities!

  6. “How backward compatible is Windows 7. We all know about the Vista issues, is Windows 7 any better?”

    Vista is backward compatible, people just don’t know how to do it. First, you right click on a program, then click property’s, Then on compability tab, just put the check and select what version of windows do you want to run the program as. Doing that mostly solves majority of the backward compatility problems. If there is still a problem then it’s the code of the program.

    Now for the how backward compatible is windows 7 question is. Well that’s up to Microsoft. But they already stated that if it runs on vista. It is more likely that it will run on 7 without problems.

    “Our pro MS agent Alex wont return.”

    I already have. I go on certain websites during certain times.

    ” If that money was used to actually re-write the OS, maybe it will take, then again, Microsoft claimed it re-wrote it a few times already.”

    They never really “re-wrote” it. They had 3 differen’t OS’s. There was the NT OS. Which the first version of Windows to use it was 2000. the Windows 9x OS which Windows 95-ME used. Then the 1x-3.1x Versions of Windows that were made in the late 80s (i think).

  7. Very good. Whilst trying to patronize, you were blissfully unaware of the fact that I am a software developer on the Vista/XP platform as a career. I choose to use open source at home, because I am well aware of the miseries of an MS platform at work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. I am fully aware of how to MAKE software compatible, but that wasnt the question was it? Would you like me to list just a few of the titles that are not compatible at all?
    Your remedy to that was (your words here) “If there is still a problem then it’s the code of the program.”

    Really? Good God, is that an excuse? It doesnt run on Vista (but it does on XP) but thats not Vista’s fault. Blame the coder. Im sure that will appease the people with problems, and sure gives a good impression of what MS really thinks about 3rd party development.

    Your “answer” to the Win 7 question was made with no real knowledge whatsoever. You dont know do you? You said “Well that’s up to Microsoft. But they already stated that if it runs on vista. It is more likely that it will run on 7 without problems.” – More than likely? Well thats reassuring, Ill make sure I pass that little nugget on.

    Have you ever used GOOGLE? Have you seen the lists of problems/bugs with backward compatibility? I personally have experience of 9 packages that we used that had to be replaced at work. Ive found more (from trying myself) and this was one of the many reasons why, finally my home systems went 100% Microsoft free.

    Even for a MS shiller youre a little slow. If it wasnt obvious that the comment I made “Our pro MS agent Alex wont return” was a bait, then I dont think you will be in line for a free MS laptop.

    Since youre here though, I was actually right, you still havent answered my previous question.

    Are you calling the PDC attendees who made anti-Windows 7 comments liars?
    Just a straight YES or NO will suffice.

    So readers, you heard it here first. If you cant get that package to work with Vista – blame the coder. – Im sure that will help a lot of people out.
    Thanks for that Alex.

    * Oh and before I forget, can I suggest that the theory “if it works on Vista it should work on Win 7” is probably correct, afterall Im led to believe they are one of the same thing (albiet Win 7 has even MORE bloat added)

  8. When i said it’s the code of the program i mean that a part of the windows code was changed that made that program break. I was never blaming the coder.

    Also to clear somethings up, am not compeletly pro microsoft. I use alternatives. (OpenOffice, Firefox, Linux, GIMP, ect.)

    “Are you calling the PDC attendees who made anti-Windows 7 comments liars?”
    But the people that are commenting on the articles like that and that are saying stuff about it them selfs without tring it is what am saying is liers. It would be alright if they were saying it if they tried it out.
    Also basiclly think that (for the people who went to PDC and used it), enstead of bashing it, send back feedback and give ideas on how to improve the program while it’s still in it’s pre-beta state before it is to late and the vista affects will happen again.

  9. @Alex:

    – It’s still DRM riddled, which, of course means, there’s no security.
    Treating me like a crook, and leaving open backdoors ready for exploits. At least let
    me decide if I want to be a crook.
    – Not compatible with existing major windows apps.
    You shouldn’t look for easter eggs to get your application to execute.
    – Like vista, it requires major hardware upgrades.
    If I could afford a thousand parked Bentleys, I’d have no problem with upgrading hardware

    “…They never really “re-wrote” it. They had 3 differen’t OS’s.”

    Yes, MS 3.51 was NT also. They claimed it was written from the ground up. This after we had problems on the install and a OS2 Warp error message came up. If you’re going to claim you re-wrote it at least test it and eliminate the swiped code’s error messages. Also you should notice all server versions came after the desktop.

    – Win2k server and Win98
    – Win2k3 server and winxp
    – Win2k8 server and Vista

    Ain’t that mysteriously funny?

  10. “If you’re going to claim you re-wrote it at least test it and eliminate the swiped code’s error messages.”

    Since when did i claim that i re-wrote it?

    “- Like vista, it requires major hardware upgrades.”
    Windows 7 does not require major hardware upgrades. If the hardware works on vista, it will work better/faster on 7.

  11. Alex,

    The main purpose of open bytes is that I believe people have freedom of choice. The reason I support Open Source over MS products is that for the average user they are wasting money buying products that can be found for free (as Im sure youre aware) and they can also contribute to a community which encourages people of all abilities to get involved in the development.

    There are many MS-shillers about, and the fact that youve admitted to using both MS and opensource is not only honest, but is an excellent example of how Opensource is not just about Linux.

    Sure, Id like to see more control back to the user (remember the days of the Amiga?) but if MS products (IMO) were value for money, it would not be so bad.

    Of course there are always those that will want to use MS products, and as long as theyve tried the alternatives then thats ok by me.

    I think maybe youve been misjudged (by me). I have received much negativity/lies from MS supporters and I believe I put you into the same “basket” Most of the MS-supporters post in a way that puts me on the defensive immediately, and when I saw youre blog was mostly MS, I assumed you to be another similar user.

    I think you are a good example to a lot of users who have concerns about making the switch to open source. Youve kept the things you are comfortable with and embraced the parts of open source which suit you.

    I have commented on your other post in regards to Ubuntu.

    I thank you for returning to explain.

    Kind regards


  12. @Alex: Did not say you re-wrote it; MS claimed they did, in ZD-Gates, and their technical engineers that were sent to our sight to help resolve issues. The last one being: Data corruption during writes to a clustered FC island we set up for on of our clients. Their diagnosis to the problem was “dirty power” going to a Cisco switch. We shot that one down pretty quick. The real culprit was “SCSI disk reservations”; it was screwed up through one of the installed patches for W2k Enterprise server.

    As for the required hardware upgrade; I’m assuming coming from XP, not vista.

    @Goblin: One of my comments to Gavin in MW is still in moderation since last night. Does Wilcox pick and choose what is published? There’s no profanity or trolling.

  13. In answer to Gavin:

    If it truly competed, there wouldn’t be no excitation.

    Remember Office Live? Where did that go? What about Hailstorm and Midori?

    Now Azure is Microsoft’s latest “cloud” hype. As Gardner said,”Microsoft needs to decide whether it really wants to be in the software or services business. Trying to have it both ways, for an indeterminate amount of precocious time, to in effect delay the advancement of serious productivity, seems a terrible waste and a terrible way to affect its community.”

    The continuous anti competitiveness behavior is the kicker. Groklaw, among others, has an on-going list of those, not too ethical, business practices.

    One thing to note; Microsoft has been convicted in a court of law in the USA and the EU for said practices.

  14. 2nd Error msg:


    You don’t have permission to access /cgi-bin/mte/mt-comments.cgi on this server.

  15. Anyway I’ll be back this afternoon. Have to fix Root Boot on a DS4800; got 4 bladecenter chassis not being able to boot.

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