NEWS: Around the world of the Penguin!

Article by Goblin[RFD]

Quite a lot happening around the Linux world.  First off, let me link you here, where you can see an interview with Linus Torvalds with him discussing (amongst other topics) the Linux Kernal Summit.  There been other developments in countries around the world in regards to Linux, and I really do believe its now the time where people are seriously considering (or in fact actually doing) the process of changing their OS or their purchasing habbits of proprietary software.

Russian schools are moving to open source packages. – Yes its true.  By 2009 it is aimed that all schools will be running open source, and a number of Russian Universities have already done so.

Brazilian president encourages the use of Linux – The government is already making the switch and three companies are working on providing the government with a Linux desktop.

Naples government making the switch to Linux – They are converting over from MS products to Linux.

All this positive Linux/open source news within the space of a few weeks.  Meanwhile MS appears to have its head where Azure is, in the clouds.  I think the signs were there years ago, heres our friend Steve Ballmer from 2006.

Red Hat has apparently been given a warning (of sorts) by MS, in regards to its patient issue.  MS are now appearing worried by a platform that they cannot compete with.  Vista never really did have a “life”, but if it did, its certainly dead now.  Even MS’s own ads are distancing themselves from the Vista name by not even mentioning it.  No wonder they went for the name “Windows 7” as at least it goes someway to further disassociate themselves from a product that IMO has started the decline of the MS customer base and a greater awareness of open source.

So what else has our friend Steve Ballmer been up to?

Well on the excellent Boycott Novell site, its (as always) got an interesting article and a link to a video of our friend Stevie with his usual “used car salesman ” head on.  He mentions students prefering MS Office, which brings me nicely onto a question I would like to ask him:  If a student is in a possition to buy MS Office or get Open Office?  What advantages does MS office give to a short on cash student? What can MS office do that Open Office cant? – This question has never been answered by any MS supporter, so I dont suppose MS’s Mr Big will be any different.  On the subject though of MS answering questions, a site which is intelligent and witty is Boycott Novell, I strongly suggest you get yourself over and start reading,  It will awaken you from your MS coma!   I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr Schestowitz, who is a polite, friendly and knowledgable person, in the IRC channel for the site.  Ive got it in my favourites I suggest you do the same.

Can I also clear something up.  The Mojave Experiment is often quoted by MS fans as proof that it is the image of Vista not the actual program that gives it, its bad name.  Let me explain what the Mojave Experiment was.  This was an experiment where a test machine was loaded with a version of Vista that did not look like it was.  Users were asked to test the system and give comments.  Now of course, theres no way the test machine was going to be under spec’d nor would they supply a machine that had not been extensively tested for Vista issues, so the whole experiment was pointless.  The average user will not have the same specs, nor the same system as the test machine.

Of course it wasnt pimped that way, and the Mojave Experiment is often pimped by MS agents as proof that Vista is a good operating system.

What I can say is more people are aware of Open Source, more people are trying it out, and more people are aware (and considering) the use of alternatives.  Apple Mac is seeing sales of its machine, and people seem to like the idea of a new OS either MACos or Linux.  This can only be a good thing.

I would never suggest that Linux would get total dominence of the market, as I believe that to be fantasy, but I do believe an equal share of the market along with Mac and any other alternatives would be a nice position to be in.  Whatever happens in the future, MS Windows is no longer the definative OS to have, and MS apps are not the only ones available to users that provide high levels of functionality.

Freedom of choice, its the future.

Take care all, regards.



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