NEWS: Upcoming features – and where have we been?

Article by Goblin[RFD]

Yet again I find myself appologising for the lack up new articles on the site.  I can only say that work and home have taken a large chunk of my time.

I have finally got around to making contact with my nearest LUG (a Stevenage based one) and intend to get myself to the next meeting in November.

Open Bytes has got itself a new member, who will be posting articles and hopefully ensure that there are regular updates to the site.

Now onto whats coming up.  I have downloaded and am currently testing the NimbleX 2008 distro, and see if it lives up to the claims on the site of: “I like to believe that NimbleX is faster than what are most people accustomed to.”

Weve also got the LG3D Release 3.0.0 distro to have a play with,  we look at UK based PC vendors who offer a Linux installation rather than a Windows one and since its getting nearer to Xmas, we’ll start looking at festively themed packages!



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