REVIEW: POKER-TH – Texas Hold em online!

Review by GOBLIN[RFD]

I am not a fan of gambling, although I do love the card game Texas Hold’em. Its a poker variant that is very easy to learn, combining skill, the ability to bluff and blind luck to win.

I wont explain the rules here, but you can easily learn on the many tutorial sites out there.

If you already know, then you may be playing it already online albiet on a webpage plug in of some description.

PokerTH is open source (as always) and I believe it uses the IRC network to connect players.  You can set up your own table, with starting money etc.  The game plays as youd expect and the program is so small its hardly going to take long to download.

Probably the best feature of the game is that you are not playing for real money, which whilst doesnt always give the gamer the experience of playing on a “big bucks” table, it will certainly stop you from having to remortage the house when you hit a loosing streak!

You can also chat whilst having a game, and theres a public lobby for people to chat in aswell.  Everyone here is friendly, and Im sure wont mind helping inexperienced users.  For those that want to play the game without being online, you can play the computer! and its nice for you to get used to the game before challenging “real players”

Downside?  None really, the engine is fast, the gfx whilst wont win any awards are functional and uncluttered.  The game is quick to load and quick to get into.

The game can be downloaded from most repositories or from the official site.  There are versions also for Windows and Mac users, so you can always guarantee there will be people to play with.

Visit the official site and download!

95% – Fun, easy to use and free.  Texas Hold’em for everyone!


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    1. Its software that you install on your machine. Its a game, no real cash involved. If you are a Ubuntu user then you will find it in your software center.

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