REVIEW: REGNUM – Not a system command, another RPG!

Article by Goblin[RFD]

Sounding more like a system command rather than a game, Regnum is the latest discovery ive made in the world of free online RPG’s and more importantly, native Linux ones.

After downloading 290mb of game installation, I was ready to go adventuring!  First Ill mention the GFX, nice, and on my GFX card the environment had a “misty and dreamy” look, similar to that of Fable.  Your character selection, starts with race, which is dependent on your selection of region. You get to modify face, hair, gender, etc and choose your class.  Three are available: Warrior, Archer, Mage and the ability to specialise in a particular area when you reach level 10.

At first I thought this sounded limited, but then you realise that this game is one that is very easy to get into and offers fun gameplay for those not willing to play for hours just to be able to cast a simple spell or have a simple skill.

The game world is large, and the whole experience is similar to that of Planeshift, however this is far more advanced in the production process and is a “complete” game.  The sound is also a great feature and the tracks are professional and polished.

You’ll have fun with this one, and it scores extra points for its feature of allowing you to enter the RPG world very quickly (the extended beginner tutorial of Planeshift, let it down somewhat as it was far too drawn out).  Within a few minutes I was battling beatles on a beginner quest, casting spells and watching another user in battle with spiders.

Now onto the issues.  For experienced RPGrs who are World of Warcraft addicted, this is not as deep, and for those who like a complex experience, may wish to look elsewhere.  The limited character classes will make for not much variety between players (however the customisation of your characters race will balance that somewhat).

Next issue was vertical lines during the character creation screen, basically my whole screen was filled with them.  I have searched this problem, and it appears to be common to many users.  I will stress though, you can see the text well enough to create your character and when the game starts properly, they disappear (once the burn to your retina wears off!!!) I wont be too harsh with this issue though, as the developers need full credit for making a Linux flavour of this game.

The final issue I had was excessive loading time in some areas, although this is probably down to me running it on less than a gig of ram, and not a problem you will come across.

This game is free, however similar to Eternal Lands, you can purchase “extras” that enhance your experience.

Overall this is a great game for people who want to RP and want to do it now.  The features given to the new user will help keep interest, and whilst limited, the character class system is very good.  This is to online RPG’s what Fable was to the single player RPG.

So where does it rank?  Personally I still think Eternal Lands is the best Linux online RPG, although Id say Regnum comes in 2nd or 3rd.  I will be looking at Runescape next, the web based RPG which again is free (or for a fee with perks) and we’ll see if it manages to unseat Eternal Lands as the no1 Open Bytes rpg!

TIP: For those Ubuntu users who download this, may find that clicking on the install program does not do anything.  The solution is easy (and great if you dont want to get your fingers dirty with terminal).  Right click the icon, select properties and find the box that says “Allow executing file as program” close the window and double click again, Bingo!

Visit the official Regnum site here!

82%Pollished, easy to get into and has a Linux flavour!


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  1. Hmm.. this sounds a little more up my alley, I’m in that group of people who don’t have too much time to invest, and I feel a little lost without direction or when given too much freedom in a world (and game genre) I don’t really understand.

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