SITE: Stone Oakvalley’s Amiga Music Collection

Support for Nectarine Radio keeps coming in, and I think it shows just how popular the site is, when you have so many search results that are directed here.

As I said before the good thing to come out of the Nectarine story, was that Ive had the pleasure of finding some new sites and resources that been brought to my attention as a result of comments, and theyve kept me busy until the great Nectarine makes a return!

With this in mind, I have great pleasure in telling you about Stone Oakvalley’s Amiga Music Collection.  What a great site!  A site dedicated to preserving Amiga music, and what a massive archive it has!  Its now in my browser favourites, and its going to be staying there!

Anyone who’s into Amiga Music should pay a visit, and again I find myself saying “I cant believe Ive never stumbled upon this site before.” – Oh and also the owner mentions Linux, so they get extra points for that!

My first search was for my all time favourite track.  “Rise Up” by Romeo Knight.  I found it and in flavours of mp3 & mod.  The site offers different formats for each track, so if you dont want to use a mod player, and want to download a mod straight to your player as an mp3 you can.

It will be added to the blogroll shortly, and please send the webmaster a little note of appreciation about his site. – Hes doing it for free!

Visit the site by clicking here!


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