Bill Gates says “Thanks” on Microsoft Watch.

Article by GoblinRFD

Well not really, its obviously a user making a joke, but hey it got you here and got me another hit! (Im trying to get 1000 before the end of the day)

Whilst it may be just a joke, I think the post is indicative of the opinion of Microsoft.  As I said on previous posts, I dont believe this image would matter if MS products didnt have the problems we all read about on the net.  I dont mind paying for something that actually works, that to me is value for money.  If I was a Windows user and I saw that I needed to upgrade my computer to run Vista, and even when Id done that I may still be in for difficulties, I would probably think “Why am I paying money for this software, when theres free Linux?”

The Microsoftwatch article, is well written (as are all of their features) I enjoy visiting the site.  It was also really nice to see with the impending Software Freedom day (20th September) so many people are mentioning free alternatives to commercial products.

You can read the article here, which is about the discounting of a certain Microsoft product.


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