NEWS: Microsoft advert – Episode 2

Article by GoblinRFD

So the next installment of the Microsoft advert is out staring Gates and Sienfeld.  These time, it has the unlikely pair living with a “real” family.

In terms of making Bill Gates more human (which Im guessing is the plan, which its hoped will lead on to a more “human” image of Microsoft) it does very well.  However for me Bill Gates was never a monster that needed to be presented in a softer way to the public.

In terms of being entertained, it was quite unique to see Gates in this type of role, however curiousity doesnt really count for much in terms of the advert being a success.

In typical Microsoft arrogance, they believe that the public will fall for this type of advertising. They wont.  Gone are the days when millions of people would blindly follow what was said on an ad.

Microsoft wouldnt need to worry so much about the image they portray if the packages they released didnt have so many problems.  Microsoft wouldnt need to produce this type of advert if their products “just worked”

It seems to me MS have realised that people have been sucked of about as much money as they can be.  I think MS have realised that people are actually more computer “savvy” than MS would want them to be, and they know they now have a choice.

Finally I think MS are realising that their bloated OS cant really offer much to the average computer user (theyve already lost the “expert” ones) and soon all they will be left with are the technically baffled market (and this isnt such a big area any more)

I will leave you with a qoute I heard on Gutsy Geeks radio show (link on the blogroll)

“A computer is like air conditioning, open Windows and it doesnt work.”

Click here for a Youtube video of the new advert.


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