SITE: The Old

I have run quite a few sucessfull blogs/sites that Ive handed over to others over the years.  I come from a GFX coding background and on coders forums have made many friends.   Since the Nectarine site was brought down, Ive met other like-minded people, so yet again I have been supprised with this little gem of a site.

As Ive said before, Ive been a fan of emulation and retro computing for a long time, but after years of visits to, IRC and various other places, Im am supprised I havent visited The Old The site has roms for loads of systems.  It has bios images, it has a blog and it also lists many radio stations.

I used a couple of the Spectrum games on this site to test the Xspect software (reviewed a few days ago)

Its a great site, and the one good thing to come out of the Nectarine attack, as if Nectarine hadnt been brought down, I may never have found this site.

Ill shortly be adding it to my blog roll.

Click here to visit The Old


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