PYTHON: TKinter video tutorials for beginners!

Article by GoblinRFD

More of a link than an article.  I have always wanted to do a video tutorial, and always had other things to do.  I stumbled recently across an email highlighting two tutorials for using TKinter (a set of functions for creating GUI’s with Python)

Dont be put off by the lackluster voice, these are very good and full credit to the creator for making them.  They take the user from the base level of TKinter and explains (very well) the basic principles.

These two videos were created by a guy called Shawn, and it would be nice, if you find them useful to send him a quick message to say thanks!

I will hopefully be adding more of these tutorials as they are highlighted to me.

Click here for the videos!


2 thoughts on “PYTHON: TKinter video tutorials for beginners!

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  1. I am first year computer science student . so , i am glad to to get this sit to develop my capacity in programing . dear , in need your help on this course (programming , specially in python )
    thanks !!!!!!!

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