NEWS: Linux goes where no-one has gone before!

Article by GoblinRFD

Would anyone like to see a post that manages to include Black Holes, Linux and the 2012 Olympics in one post whilst still remaining on topic?  Read on to see!

It will be difficult to miss the news coverage on the Hadron Collider experiments that are starting to take place.  Their aim, amongst many things is to simulate the conditions present at the time of the Big Bang and the creation of the universe.  What has not been mentioned much is that the software running the show is based on Red Hat Linux.

Thats great publicity for Linux if the biggest scientific discovery of mankind comes out of it.  Bad publicity though if it creates a black hole that destroys the planet.

Of course it wont, but that hasnt stopped the many wild theories on the net stating that we will be swallowed up by a blackhole created by ourselves in about 4 years (this apparently ties in with the end of the Myan calender)  One bonus though, if it does create a black hole, at least the UK taxpayer wont have to foot the bill for the financial blackhole that is the 2012 Olympics. So its a win win situation whatever happens.

The article is found at Linux Magazine


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