Shiver me timbers – Its a pirate using Flexiget!

Hacking and piracy is of no interest to me.  Software freedom is about working with and sharing software that you are legally allowed to do so.

It was with great interest then, that I found a direct from the following site, listed on mine.  After visiting it, I saw the typical lamer speak of PWN, so knew it was going to be one of the sites that is either the cave of the lonely misfit hacker, or the bloated pirate.  Further investigation led me to the later.

The site, if anyone is interested is (Ill get to the lookup at the end)

If you simply type:  you get a picture of an overwieght kid (further proving my second theory)  It does however link to a site called: Flexiget. which is software that allows a user to download a torrent from an RSS feed (amongst other features)  It mentions RLSLOG which for those that dont know, is a blog designed to showcase copyrighted material on bittorrent trackers.  This odious site has no regard for peoples intellectual property, and I certainly wont link to it.

I am presuming the user was drawn to my blog, because of the bittorrent tag on the previous article, but the funny thing is, it further proves that DRM is required.  People cannot be trusted to behave honestly, that is why DRM is required.

The lookup on the above address showed:

OrgName:    RIPE Network Coordination Centre
OrgID:      RIPE
Address:    P.O. Box 10096
City:       Amsterdam
PostalCode: 1001EB
Country:    NL


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