EMULATION: XSpect – ZX 48K Spectrum Emulation!

I love my emulators, none more so than the ones from my childhood days.

Due to my uncle working at Sinclair at the time, I got a ZX Spectrum 48K (the one with the rubber keys) as a present.  I loved that trusty computer, and over the years had 100’s of games for it, until it disapeared from the shelves, replaced by bigger and better things, and its “soul” was put onto the world wide web, albiet via emulation and rom images.

As readers of this site know, I run Ubuntu 8.04 at the present time, and whilst I was told there was a spectrum emulator located in the repository called Xspect, I couldnt find it.  A quick search of the net located the Ubuntu .DEB package, and it can be found at the end of this review.

Installation/download took seconds, and although there is no pre-installed front end for it, a simple terminal command of XSPECT <game rom> in the directory where your games are located will bring up the emulator (or alternatively XSPECT will just boot the Spectrum) One of the nice features allongside being able to run the majority of file formats for Spectrum files, is the ability to load tape images, yes! you can hear it load and appreciate how long it took in those days to load 48k of data.

The emulator works perfectly, same Spectrum sounds, same Spectrum speed and because the hardware being emulated is decades old, no matter what system you have it should run perfectly.

XSPECT is available for all Linux flavours and a quick search on google will locate your desired one.

My only wish is that there would have been support for the 128k spectrum as well.

XSPECT for Ubuntu

85% – An excellent emulator that misses the mark of being perfect due to only emulating the 48k.


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