I have to admit, online RPG’s are a favourite of mine.  Up until now I prided myself on the knowledge that if something was open source/freeware and was a little special, I knew about it.  I spend hours searching sites for hidden gems and great works.  So it supprises me when, purely by clicking on a wrong link, I find this developing gem.

For those that have read the review of Eternal Lands on this site, you will see that the world of online roleplay can be a rewarding one.  After checking out the screenshots and the forums of Planeshift last week, I tried to play.  As luck would have it at the time, the server was down, so now that they have rectified the problem, I have had a chance to test it out.

Lets start by looking at the visuals.  These are probably one of most impressive features of this game.  They are smooth, keep a high framerate (on my machine anyway) and put me in mind of the Morrowind game from a few years ago.

There are many races to choose from, some of which dont yet have their own 3d models, however a few of the races “borrow” models from each other.  This Im sure is being worked on, and Im sure we’ll see some new models shortly.

The game continues its Morrowind style in that it is open for the user to develop their character in any way they see fit.  During the character creation process it has the interesting feature of being able to choose your family history, your father and mothers occupation etc.  This makes for a very detailed character.

All the RPG essentials are here, although some are not implimented yet.  Dont for one minute think that this is only a “half game” as there is still plenty to do and you’ll have fun getting involved.

Now some problems I have noticed so far.  The client sometimes closes for no apparent reason (although this could be a fault of my setup and not of the game)  It also changes the resolution of my screen when I quit the program (similar to Alien Arena).  These are small problems, and tend to be resolved on a re-load, it should be stressed that they may be unique to my machine aswell.

This game is shaping up to be great.  It needs to be supported and encouraged,  The landscape Ive explored so far is huge.

Get yourself over to the Planeshift Site and download the client.

In terms of installation there was no real issues with Ubuntu 8.04 and I would presume this will be the same for all other distros.  There is one thing you should note.  To get the updater to work properly (in the version I downloaded) you need to change the first line on the updaterinfo.xml file, from false to true, otherwise it wont work.

I wont score this yet, due to it still being a work in progress, however I can see it getting a very good one a little bit further down its development line.

Check it out now!


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: PLANESHIFT – A promising RPG?

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  1. Great review, really sucked me in.
    I’ve never played a online RPG before, my girlfriend’s brother always bombarded me with wow propoganda but I was never interested. But this looks interesting, I’m certainly going to give it a go.

  2. Thanks, as I said on the review, I was supprised that Planeshift had avoided my searches for so long, especially when it is such a class product (and its free)

    Also consider looking at Eternal Lands (reviewed on this site)

    Ill be popping over to your site!

    Thanks for the post.

    Kind regards, Openbytes.

  3. I enjoyed reading the review. I downloaded the game and it was daunting at first because it was hard to manage the controls, but I got used to it. I explored a bit and for a free rpg the graphics are good. I started roleplaying when I came to the tavern and I had a blast.
    Though as openbytes said the client quits at times, and the server is down its quite the “hidden gem”.

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