NEWS: Nectarine Radio – Gone for good?

I have been a fan of Nectarine Radio for a good while.  For those that dont know its a site dedicated to demo scene music from the past.  It showcased many memorable tracks, and was one of my often visited pages.  It allowed users to request songs from its huge database, and although free, did rely on donations to keep going.

Having come from the days of the Amiga 500 and the demo scene, it was a great trip down memory lane for me, and reminded me just how many tallented people made music for free for the enjoyment of others.  Tracks that have a special place in my heart included “Rise up” (which was featured on the RSI Megademo) and the many other stonkingly good tracks.

So, it is with great sadness that I learn today that the Nectarine Radio site has been hacked again.  This time the idiot who did it, managed to delete backups and from the sound of the message from the webmaster, it wont be returning.  I found this out as I was just about to link to it on this site.

So who was responsible?  It is not known at the moment.  Apparently the childish scripter posted a message about the vulnerability before bringing the site down.  To that person: I hope youre happy.  Its not big and its not clever, no-one thinks you are a l33t hacker, you just got lucky with a simple script.  I suggest you grow up, and if youre life is so sad that you feel the need to bring down sites like Nectarine, you should really get some councilling.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that Nectarine does make a comeback, and if anyone connected with Nectarine reads this:  Thanks guys for a great site, I hope you return, but if not thanks for your efforts.


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  1. Same here, although having just clicked on the link, I see that there is some sort of flower store advertising on it now.

    I really hope this is temporary, although I got the feeling that the webmaster was completely fed up.

    The loss of Nectarine is a great loss to all users of that site. 😦

  2. I am really annoyed. I have used scenemusic for many years (must be at least 5 years).

    I managed to cut an paste these messages just before the site went down:

    Country flag xdxf 10:29:28
    look in the html src for mysql_pconnect
    Country flag xdxf 10:29:01
    the vuln is:
    Country flag xdxf 10:28:44
    enjoy your faggy forum in peace
    Country flag xdxf 10:27:55
    k that should do the trick
    Country flag [name] 10:26:24
    Country flag xdxf 10:26:12
    just to make sure lemme delete it
    Country flag xdxf 10:25:54
    seems fair to me
    Country flag [name] 10:25:42
    Sure i promise
    Country flag xdxf 10:25:24
    hmm.. ok how about this.. i’ll expose the vuln if [name] admits that he’s a [rude word] and agrees to change his usern/password forever because it’s an insult to pyros/chemists everywhere…

  3. Thanks for posting the log.

    Seems like it was a child that did it.

    As I said before, some child has obviously got lucky with a simple script and brought down the site.

    I would pity the lamer if he hadnt ruined one of my favourite sites on the net.

  4. Dear sweet God I hope Nectarine somehow manages a comeback, even if we have to start from scratch with a new database. It’s been an important part of my life for many years 😦

  5. I agree.

    I would ask that if anyone knows the owner (Christophe) we see if we cant help out restoring it to its former glory. Id certainly give up my time to the site.

    Im sure theres plenty of volunteers.

  6. I am very saddened by this report. I have been a paying member and fan or Nectarine and Orangejuice since there launch. Indeed my own site dedicated an entire section to retro gaming radio and their station was the most popular. At the start they even helped me get the links up and running.

    I am willing to offer a secure home on my servers if they are willing to try again. I will also help pay for the hosting requirements of the data and streams.

    I am and have always been a massive fan, to the point of listening to them almost every day. I really am going to miss the great tunes.

    Please please come back and I am sure we can get this thing up with a little team work.

    Contact me to talk.

    Good luck, god bless and I hope to see you back real soon.

    Hot Trout

  7. I’m sure “Yes” is being inundated with emails right about now asking for any resources he may have left. Nectarine was quite a popular site and it was frequented by passionate and talented people. This won’t be the end of demoscene radio.

  8. Oh gnoes! That totally sucks, who the fuck would do that? I’ve been tuning in for ages! I should have donated! 😦

  9. This is absolutely unacceptable.

    I cannot believe that some sick fleshbag would destroy (read: completely erase from existence) Nectarine just to do it. To me, this is similar to having had an arsonist burn only the section of a library that contains the world’s rarest books; history literally removed. Sad.

    I’ve been listening to Nectarine for years and the music that was on it for about 13 years or so. Now… it’s gone? How many wonderful artists that I discovered from that website I cannot say; I loved discovering new music from old artists or vice-versa.

    This isn’t right, fair, good, … or over. Script-child, you may remain “Anonymous”, but Karma will find you, and that makes me smile.

    Oh and it will find you.

  10. The one… doesnt need any line.
    It’s just anyone. Maybe infront of millions or billions 0.
    I’d have more discomfort 😉 if there wasn’t that possibility..
    Thats what makes me down.
    A Treemaster who dislikes his fruits

    I LOVE nectarine.. but i must write so clearly.
    Deleting Images instead of showing everybody the fault is war against demoscene and free minds people.

    Nothing else.

  11. After reading others comments here, I feel really bad that I never donated. Im a little ashamed now, as I realise how much I used the site.

    Should it return, it will be the first thing I do. I suppose I took Nectarine for granted for so long.

  12. I was there when the script-kiddie took down the site.. stupid little haters should be put away.

    I really hope Cristophe will bring the site back up, or donate the old backup to someone that would do it.

    Now I am back to listening to slay radio, but it isn’t the same. Where do you old Nectarine-peeps hang out now?


  13. Christophe, dont worry about this idiot. There were, there are and there will be such animals on earth. It is not a hacker who destroys, but who create. Maybe it is possible to restore some backup or start new minimal and secure nectarine radio again? There are lots of people who want to help…
    Best regards to the best demoscene radio ever!

  14. Thanks all for your support.
    Just let me some times to know if something could be saved or not.

    In october i will answer everyone if the website will be back or not. Just let me some time to take fresh air …


    Yes / Brainstorm

  15. Christophe,

    My offer still stands, if you need financial or server support I will do everything I can to help. I could start a donation pot on my website and am sure it would fill rapidly. From the look of it most people on here would donate again, as would I.

    Everyone else, let me know what you think and I can have this up and running asap.

    Good luck and enjoy your break.

  16. Christophe,

    Thanks for coming to my blog to post.

    If you do return, the first thing I will be doing is donating, and if there is anything else you need help with I will be happy to help in any way (as you can see by these other posts, so will alot of other people)

    Kind regards,

  17. Owwwww god.
    What is the aim in destroying such wonderful projects like nectarine?

    Count me in in the list of donators if you raise in new glory!

    Pleeeeeeeease, relaunch! Please!

  18. Everyone. Coders, Artists, Musicians, Archivists. This is the kind of thing we all must fear and fight against. What if disappeared tonight? Or Slashdot? or Google? Or *your* site?

    There’s a bunch of raw pages up on the waybackmachine ( But that’s the easy part..

    I have access to a boatload of storage and servers if needed.

  19. Christophe,

    I would understand you’d drop the project, such a lame attack brings shame to the bastard behind it. Yet I hope you won’t, instead I hope you’ll find energy to bring back your fantastic site. This work should not be thrown out the window.

    If Nectarine reborns, I *will* dontate.

    Nectarine is everything Internet should be about: it is available for everyone, open minded, generous and I don’t understand how someone would find pride bringing it down.

    Anyway thanks for all the joy you bring me so far.


  20. If one need to listen to Amiga music while Nectarine is re-booting, there’s like 33000 MP3 classic Amiga music available from my site to download today, and has been for some weeks with the goal of a total of 250000 MP3 files hopefully in October. If you can’t find the tunes you are seeking there, I guess it never existed either 🙂

  21. What a great site! Ive done a little article on it and linked to it in my blogroll.

    Any reader who loves Amiga music get over there now!

    Thanks for posting!

  22. I used to be a great fan of Nectarine, until they changed their format to something strange. Now I mostly listen to Kohina.

    All the same, I hope nectarine makes a comeback – the web needs more sites that serve good old-timey (think 8 bits) music

  23. I have just heard the news and can’t believe what has happened to Nectarine ! !

    I used to run a demoscene radio station called
    “CGM UKScene Radio” which streamed demoscene
    music featuring UK artists only, we were never as popular
    as Nectarine but had a good listener base.
    But closed the station down due to other commitments.

    I am appalled that someone has done this to such a well
    loved station. It just proves that there are some people
    out there who have nothing better to do with their lives
    and find pleasure in destroying someone else’s hard work.

    Lets just hope that this idiot gets his just deserts at some
    point in his miserable little life.

    Christophe, I hope that you manage to get Nectarine back
    up and running again.



  24. Cheers for reading Solarize!

    BTW Everyone should check out Solarize’s website! Hes a photographer with excellent work!

    Solarize, I too have a love of photography (hobby) and used to post my work on TrekEarth.

    Thanks for coming to my blog, its always nice to meet a fellow Uk’r aswell!

    Regards, Goblin[RFD]

  25. The stupid kid is a disgrace for all the real hackers out there who actually help people gain knowledge, whether educating them of new and previously undocumented way to circumvent security measures and how to protect their systems against such attacks. The more aggressive hackers may have less-than-favorable purposes, be they political, social, freedom of speech-related and what not. What was the purpose of this?..

    What do you gain from destroying a FREE non-profit radio dedicated to computers and [to a point] hacking of the old days? Does your name show up as a flag that “I conquered here!”? No, does anybody even know or recognize you after this? No, maybe just your botnet on your IRC channel. Hell, it’s not even on TV or newspapers!

    If that moron wasn’t payed for this and didn’t belong to any business whatsoever, then all he did is suck it off to a corporate giant that wouldn’t hesitate to take all his money to themselves. Way to go! Hope you’ll get what you want there.

    And I also hope my Winamp will once again connect to one of Nectarine’s broadcast servers. Good luck with that recovery!

  26. Ill be confirming that file was actually sent by Solarize, so id advise not to download until I have done so.


  27. Hi, Openbytes.

    The file is located on my personal server and was coded in Visual Basic
    by myself. I can guarantee that it is safe, but you are more than
    welcome to check it out to make 100% sure.

    I know you can not be too careful as there are people out there
    who are intent in harming others computers. Which I am definitely not.

    If you need to ask me any questions about it, please feel free to email
    me. Hopefully you have access to my email address from this site.
    As I would rather not post my email address up, to make sure I dont
    get floods of spam email.


    Mark Dunn
    aka Solorize

  28. Mark,
    Thanks alot for your message. Ive just got back from work, so was about to post.

    The only concern I had was that the script kiddy that brought down the Nectarine site was pretending to be you in order for him to be malicious to the users who have condemned him.
    I will drop you an email to confirm its you.


  29. I can now comfirm that the file is 100% safe!

    Check it out! Sweet! Get the file from Solarize on the above link!


  30. Hi again ppl.

    Now I am off work I have decided to re-start
    “CGM UKScene Radio”

    I have spent a morning getting the stream up and
    running again, but will need to re-do the website.

    The stream URL is:

    [32kbps AAC+ stream in Parametric Stereo]

    ::What is CGM UKScene Radio?::

    CGM UKScene radio is a “DemoScene” Radio station from the UK, which features purely UK artists. We stream the broadcast 24/7 and support listeners with “Dial up” connections.

    ::Broadcast content::

    The radio broadcast features, the following music formats:

    Tracked Amiga and PC *.MOD, fasttracker *.XM, screamtracker *.S3M, impulse tracker *.IT, as well as the more recent MP3 song format.

    Oldskool 8bit chip music from the Commodre 64 (C64) *. SID, ZX Spectrum *.AY, Amstrad *.YM

    From an ever increasing database of musicians composed on the following list of machines.:
    AMIGA, AMSTRAD, ATARI, PC, Commodore 64 (C64) & SPECTRUM.

    ::Featured Artist include::

    4-Mat, 4T-Thieves, A Martin, A51, Accel, Adam Gilmore (gizmo), Alchemist, Andi, ANthony, APex, Aquafresh, Barry Leitch, Bassline, Beatmaster, Blue Jooz, Def & Tickle, Dranath, Fallout (twisted MC), LKT, Lookey, Mark Knight, N!K, Plastic Scoucer, Rob Hubbard, Robitaille, Shadegate, Smash, SoLoRiZe, Surreal Dreams, The Deviant, Vim, Wookie, W-BackStreetLabs, WongChung Bang.+ many more.

    I hope this will be an early Xmas present for all of
    you =)

    btw. the website is
    NOTE: This is still the old website and needs to be updated!



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