I have been a fan of Nectarine Radio for a good while.  For those that dont know its a site dedicated to demo scene music from the past.  It showcased many memorable tracks, and was one of my often visited pages.  It allowed users to request songs from its huge database, and although free, did rely on donations to keep going.

Having come from the days of the Amiga 500 and the demo scene, it was a great trip down memory lane for me, and reminded me just how many tallented people made music for free for the enjoyment of others.  Tracks that have a special place in my heart included “Rise up” (which was featured on the RSI Megademo) and the many other stonkingly good tracks.

So, it is with great sadness that I learn today that the Nectarine Radio site has been hacked again.  This time the idiot who did it, managed to delete backups and from the sound of the message from the webmaster, it wont be returning.  I found this out as I was just about to link to it on this site.

So who was responsible?  It is not known at the moment.  Apparently the childish scripter posted a message about the vulnerability before bringing the site down.  To that person: I hope youre happy.  Its not big and its not clever, no-one thinks you are a l33t hacker, you just got lucky with a simple script.  I suggest you grow up, and if youre life is so sad that you feel the need to bring down sites like Nectarine, you should really get some councilling.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that Nectarine does make a comeback, and if anyone connected with Nectarine reads this:  Thanks guys for a great site, I hope you return, but if not thanks for your efforts.