EMULATION: DeSmuME v0.8 – Nintendo DS emulation on Linux!

Nintendo DS Emulation!

Hidden in the Ubuntu repository, is this little gem of an emulator.  Its a DS emulator for Linux.

Its still in its early stages, but the more popular, common games are working on it.  Games such as Warioware Touched, Golden Eye, Zoo Keeper are all playable.

The DS stylus is emulated with your mouse.

Speed wise is does sometimes suffer slowdown in places, although my rig is not that powerful and more modern PC’s should not have a problem.  Sound is also emulated, and very well.  It is worth noting though that you need ROM images of your games in order for the emulator to play them, and for this reason it is important you own the original ROM.

This can only get better with later versions, and already it is an impressive emulator.  Emulation is an area of interest to me personally so expect more reviews of Linux emulator software on this blog.  Once the email is back up and running I would encourage anyone who has emulator experiences to email me and let me know.

Check out the DeSmuME website here!

85% – Despite some minor speed issues and compatibility still being worked on, this is a great emulator!


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