My first online FPS for Linux.  A 300meg ish deathmatch game, that is completely free of charge.

But how does it play?

Very well.  The games are fast paced and there are plenty of those annoying experts who jump around avoiding your bullets and bragging when you are dead.  The game has plenty of weapons to pick up.  You have your traditional rpg’s and machine gun types, to your lazers and all sorts of other fragging weapons.

I really enjoyed the games.  You have capture the flag, traditional deathmatch and others.

So is it Unreal Tournament? Well not really, but its certainly a great game, the GFX are crisp.  The fun is none stop and better than that its completely free.

You can also play single player, but then this game is meant to be enjoyed with others online, so dont expect too much from a single player game.

Now onto some issues I had.  At first connecting to servers simply shut down the program, without error message.  After managing to join a server, and waiting a good while for maps etc to download, I finally found that I could connect to all the servers I tried.

The other problem I encountered, was when I exited out of the game, Alien Arena had changed my resolution so I had to do a reboot to return everything back to normal.

These issues aside I had a great time with this game.  I just wish I could find a server that doesnt have any of those experts on it!

The game was tested on Ubuntu 8.04 and downloaded from its repository.  There were no installation or setup issues.

Visit the official site of Alien Arena by clicking here!

75% – A great game, not much depth but great fragging fun online!