NEWS: Chrome – So whats it like?

There may be a few people unaware that Google have released their own Web browser, in a hope to muscle in on a market that traditionaly has been fought by Internet Explorer and Firefox (with a few others having small scurmishes in the background)

So whats the fuss about Chrome?  What does it offer a Linux user? and Is it any different to what already on offer?

Well, firstly there is no Linux or Mac version. Chrome is open source and Google says that anyone can download the source (chromium) and re-use it. These are said to still be in development and will be released in a few months.  So that leaves the Windows version, and how its been recieved so far.

When you type a web address into Chrome, it not only directs you to that address but performs a search on those words to offer you more alternatives.  Nice idea, maybe. reports that they have found a bug in the software that allows a site to force you into downloading an EXE file without any prompts from the user.  (Nice feature! – Im sure, if true that one wont be abused)

Another site is reporting that Chromes protocol handling can cause a crash that will bring down Chrome.

There are sites that are pro-chrome and reporting a great browser, but it begs the question.  Why?  Im happy with Firefox, and if I wasnt, theres plenty of others available for the Linux platform.

When Chrome rears its head on Linux, I certainly wont be bothering.

On a final note, is my mind failing me?  I seem to remember a time in the early days of the net, when Webcrawler was THE search engine to use?

When was it I started using Google?

Microsoft apparently when asked to comment “The browser landscape is extremely competative, but people will choose Internet Explorer 8 for the way it puts the services they want right at their fingertips” Dean Hachamovitch said.  I wonder if Dean has checked the net recently as to Microsofts image with the general user?  That statement (if true) has to one of most arrogant things Ive heard.  Hey, Deano! I havent chosen IE8.  Infact I wont let any Microsoft Package near my PC.  Got a comment on that?


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