REVIEW: EMILIA PINBALL – Pinball Fantasies for Linux?

I havent played a pinball game since Pinball Fantasies on the Amiga 500, and that was some time ago.  So it was with interest that I installed this from the repository.  Its written by Henrick Enqvist, who, according to the site is now working for a game development company, so well done!

Lets start by mentioning that the game does not yet seem complete and only has two tables.  That being said, I remembered playing the same table over and over again on Pinball Fantasies, so I didnt see a problem.  There are instructions at the site for creating your own tables, so that adds to the appeal of it.

The two tables that are available (one shown below) are best described as functional, that lack many features or effects, but again I would assume since this is still in development, this will change over time.  Moving onto the physics engine of the game, and Ill say its fine.  The “tilt” option is there, however abuse it and you loose your ball!

I did though find it was quite difficult to actually loose your ball, and it always seemed possible to hit it, unless you were extremely unlucky.  I think this feature may need to be looked at in order to make the game more challenging.

Finally, the sound.  It may be my rig, or the quality of the samples, or both, but I found the sound suffered a slight crackling to it.

There hasnt been an update to this software since April 2004, so its probably safe to say the author has abandoned it, however its opensource and why shouldnt someone else take on the challenge of producing a Linux version of a very popular genre?

60%Not as polished as we would have liked, but a good time waster for a couple of minutes, and potential to be a decent project if cared for!

Visit the home of Emilia Pinball


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