Windows users must be really pleased.  Having spent a good while getting backward compatibility with their binary slug Vista, the rumours are now rife that Windows 7 will not be natively backward compatible at all.  So it begs the question, why not take this oportunity to move over to Linux, where getting your old software to run will probably be an easier experience through Wine (which will be far more established) than whatever emulator Windows 7 offers.

Now it may be that this new direction for Windows 7 turns out to have speed increases for the system running it.  Great, but at what price?  and talking of price, Microsoft will be expecting a financial reward for its new Windows, whereas Linux is free.

On a sort of related note, looking at for the last 7 days OpenSUSE is down on its overall clicks and Debian is about 150 clicks off overtaking it and getting second place after Ubuntu.  Could this be the effects of the Microsoft/Novell deal?