NEWS: Novell & Microsoft deal & message to all.

First off, my new blog hasnt gotten off to the start I was hoping for.  Due to heavy work commitments I have not had the time to make the updates I had wanted.  That being said, its the beginning of the month and time to start as I mean to go on.

Novell entered into a deal with Microsoft some time ago, which will probably mean more joint projects and collaboration.

Novell is behind the OpenSUSE distro, which is one of the more popular Linux distros out there.  Having personally used it, I can say I was very happy with it, and had installed 15 machines with it at our computer club.

Tomorrow I will start removing all copies from the club and by friday it will be gone from my home PC in favour of Ubuntu.  Why? I hear you ask.  The reason for this is simple.  I spent a long time removing my MS dependancy from my life, there are many obstructions that MS throws in your way, what with dodgy word document formats that are not compatible fully with Abiword.  The Silverlight issue etc etc.

After all that I am not prepared to keep using a distro which has let MS in through the back door.  And Im not alone.  It appears the current opinion on the net is IMO 70-30 against Novells deal, and if that represents users of OpenSUSE, then it wont be one of the top distro’s much longer.

I am really sad to have to speak about OpenSUSE in this way.  I really have enjoyed my experience with it, and had no problems with the OS itself.  Its time to move on, thanks OpenSUSE but no thanks.

If you would like full details of what the deal entails, read the article on CNET by clicking here.

CREDIT: I do not know the author of this photograph, nor can trace it.  If it is yours and would like to be credited, contact me.


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