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  1. Government wants to break free from Microsoft? – France shows you how.


    September 23, 2010 by openbytes

    I will start this article covering two matters on the Web in regards to Microsoft software and government.  It’s reported …
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  2. Prices, Promotions and extortion – The One Microsoft Way ?


    September 1, 2010 by openbytes

    It’s a shame that I released the previous article so quickly since I really could have amalgamated these two together for …
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  3. NewsBytes – Monday 23rd August 2010

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    August 23, 2010 by openbytes

    Kinect beaten by Sony Move Poor old Microsoft just can’t seem to get it right?  Kinect, Microsoft’s attempt in my …
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  4. A Microsoft fail agenda? – Yes Blevdog, I do want to discuss.


    April 24, 2009 by openbytes

    The title of this article will be made clear shortly as Ive had an “exchange” of posts with a Microsoft …
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  5. Are games the last bastion of salvation for the Windows platform?


    April 16, 2009 by openbytes

    and why I believe PC gaming will be on a decline (albeit gradual): Ive got alot of material to publish, …
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  6. Bonjour FOSS! – France embracing Open Source software.


    March 11, 2009 by openbytes

    Its no secret that many governments around the world are either looking into or have already adopted FOSS in some …
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  7. Bill Gates says “Thanks” on Microsoft Watch.


    September 14, 2008 by openbytes

    Article by GoblinRFD Well not really, its obviously a user making a joke, but hey it got you here and …
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