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  1. Eye for an eye – RIAA & Limewire no score draw? & what LOIC users should consider.


    October 29, 2010 by openbytes

    I touched on this subject during the test recordings for the TechBytes Audiocast.  It wasn’t appropriate to go into further …
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  2. DCC, Bittorrent and Usenet – Is Bittorrent so great?


    August 27, 2010 by openbytes

    I’ve written many articles touching on this subject, but I wanted to look at it with a little more detail …
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  3. Ubuntu 9.10 released! – Windows 7 the slowest option?


    October 29, 2009 by openbytes

    Today is the official release day of Ubuntu 9.10.  Jono Bacon ran an Ubuntu party channel in IRC (for which …
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  4. What’s your favorite IRC server?


    May 25, 2009 by openbytes

    Forget all your social networking sites and chat rooms, they are just pretenders.  The true original art of realtime chat …
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  5. Goblins identity is out part 2!


    April 15, 2009 by openbytes

    I had intended on going to bed, so this piece of “news” was a little unwelcome at this hour. That …
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  6. REVIEW: Pidgin 2.5.5 – The all in one messenger?

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    March 15, 2009 by openbytes

    Chat networks, we all love em, we all use different ones, and they all use different clients/sites!  Let me introduce …
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