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Royal babies, Mojang to be bought & when the best is not the always “the best”

Breaking news – Kate Middleton has morning sickness….. The UK as a rule is very quick to jump on a “welfare state” bandwagon when the public feels someone is getting an easy ride.  Thankfully I’ve never needed welfare/benefits at any point in my life, but I fully support the facility to be there for those … Continue reading

Web roundup 25.07.14 – eBooks, error codes and X-files!

It’s been a funny old week in cyberspace.  Firstly I had a couple of instances of downtime with gMail (which is rare to say the least) but these breaks in service luckily were only for a couple of minutes.  Whilst awaiting service to resume I thought I’d check out Google’s offer to give me a … Continue reading

Musing: Microsoft to offer its software on Linux – A theoretical consideration.

This musing comes as a result of a topic brought up over on Usenet. The crux of this article is around a fictitious headline of: BREAKING NEWS: MICROSOFT RELEASES ITS OFFICE SUITE FOR LINUX Take a few seconds to consider how you would feel, then maybe be kind enough to hear my view. So it’s great? … Continue reading

Chromebook – What it is and what it isn’t.

I think readers will recall mention I made a while back of a little known area called (Usenet/newsgroups) and how it’s time as a serious discussion group is over. I was prompted to write this article as at one time Usenet was the place where technology experts could be expected to post and engage in … Continue reading

Web roundup 11.07.14 – Online apps, Indi documentary makers and Usenet!

I tweeted recently that there was very little to interest me in the world of technology.  Has tech reached its peak? – No I think its more a case of everyone trying to cash in on the tried and tested idea’s that are selling well. Please don’t talk about Google Glass, I’ve already voiced my … Continue reading

MUD glorious MUD: Interactive literature & gaming

Today I’m going to look at MUD.  If you are already familiar with Multi User Dungeon’s, then you can probably skip most of this article. So what is a MUD? It’s basically a text adventure game where locations are described with text rather than pictures.  It can be played in a browser or with a … Continue reading

The (not so) secrets of promoted Tweets and Twitter accounts

A free service is allowed to make money, just as consumers are able to go elsewhere if they don’t like it. I’m not sure how many other people are bothered by promoted tweets on the Twitter service, but I managed to have them beat for a few weeks by blocking any account that promotes itself. … Continue reading

Venting in an old fashioned blog rant

Its time for a rant and a collection of annoyances from over the past few days. They say its better to express it rather than bottle it up, so if I can entertain you at the same time then that will be an added bonus. My first annoyance from this week is Youtube. I can’t tell … Continue reading

Nintendo loses court case to Philips – Game over?

If Nintendo didn’t have enough on its plate with sales figures suggesting its hardware is far from enjoying the success its previous devices have, now you can add a lost court case into the mix. It is reported: It was reported over the weekend by PureNintendo.com that Nintendo has lost a court case in the UK to Koninklijke … Continue reading

EFF – It’s “great” idea for improving privacy.

The EFF has had it’s thinking head on.  In the world of privacy concerns and your desire to be neighbourly, it’s come up with its own interpretation of a “great” idea. Much like travelling to just beyond the event horizon of the nearest super-massive black hole and taking a selfie, this idea seems to have … Continue reading


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