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Web round up – A random exploration of happenings

Many topics have grasped my attention this week, I’ve been distracted numerous times with the Twitterverse of things to the detriment of my writing, the extent where my second novel “Vacuum” only received 5000 or so new words.   One of the things that struck me in my extended loitering on Twitter is how many … Continue reading

Google Drive – Price dropped, more woes for Microsoft?

I’ve often written about Google services and pay for extra storage on my Google Drive (100gb).  This morning I recieved an email to inform me that the price has now been dropped which means I’m now paying $1.99 for my 100gb.  That equates to about £1.20 a month for me. Techcrunch reports: Google’s new prices … Continue reading

The People’s Voice – Icke TV

I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while, having taken the time to research the views of a famous (or infamous) person called David Icke.  I was reminded of this gentleman recently due to one of those people who think 9/11 was some sort of conspiracy decided to cite David as being some … Continue reading

Online abuse: The Greater Threat

Certainly here in the UK you would be hard pushed to avoid a news outlet not talking about online abuse and the disgraceful comments directed towards certain celebrities/personalities over recent weeks on Twitter.  I very much doubt we would have had as much exposure if the targets of these hate campaigns had been “us common … Continue reading

All change at Microsoft? – Or admitting defeat?

Three pieces of news from Microsoft today, which signal to me a change in the companies view of itself and maybe now realizes that as well as having no foothold on the popular markets of today such as smartphones, net services and search, see’s itself more providing software for others in its future. First up … Continue reading

Beware a softie bearing gifts…Microsoft giveaway?

I make no secret of my opinion that Microsoft should never be allowed the dominance on any form factor that its enjoyed over the years on the desktop.  After many years of introducing users to Linux and indeed other alternatives, it always amazed me that such simple features of Linux that I take for granted … Continue reading

The writing is on the wall? Microsoft wants to play nicely now?

It’s often said that Microsoft doesn’t play nicely with others.  Look for example towards its Android “licenses” which allegedly see Microsoft making more money from Android than its own AOL emulator (or Windows Phone). ;) With that in mind, Microsoft does still very much rule the roost in Office utils and whilst the mainstream consumer … Continue reading

The economic drain of Microsoft – Where YOUR tax money is spent!

People still running a Windows system in the home will probably be able to appreciate the almost full time job of securing it against the latest malware, fixing nonsensical bugs which suddenly appear for no reasons and creating their own imaginative workarounds just to get the desktop functioning.  For the home user this may be … Continue reading

The price of “free speech” – Why you can’t be sure who you are talking with.

I’ve a series of articles on free speech and why the internet has anything but coming very soon.  My free time has been taken up of late with a documentary I’m participating in so I will start off by apologising for the lack of updates on OpenBytes (and indeed the TechBytes audiocast).  I’ve been quite active over … Continue reading

Google Drive – Down, but not out (for some)

Having a paid extension on my Google Drive capacity (100gb) cloud storage is something which I am increasingly coming to rely on in the days where I am not limited to one particular form factor for my productivity. Unlike many users, my use of Google Drive is a little more than merely family photographs/video and is also … Continue reading


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